Monday, October 01, 2007

"My Symphony"

This is written by 19th century clergyman William Henry Channing. I have had this for about 15 years. I try to live by it, but rarely succeed to the fullest......

To live content with small means;
To seek elegance rather than luxury,
and refinement rather than fashion;
To be worthy, not respectable;
and wealthy, not rich;
To study hard,
Think quietly,
talk gently,
act frankly;
To listen to stars and birds,
To babes and sages, with open heart,
to bear all cheerfully,
do all bravely;
await occasions,
hurry never.
......To let the spiritual unbidden and unconscious,
grow up through the common.
This is to be my symphony.

2 comments: said...

What a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing this...I had never read it. Nice creed for life.

Gypsy Girl said...

Love it!! How beautiful. I think I will copy it into my journal, where I keep severl nice poems and sayings. Thank you so much for sharing.