Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Feast of St. Michael the Archangel

I mentioned last week that this was the culmination of the Fiestas Patrias in San Miguel and it was a wild weekend of parades, fireworks, horse and taxi blessings and more fireworks! On Saturday I started my walk down to the jardine to see all the activities. This "creature" was greeting people in the middle of the street. I'm not sure if he was a reference to the "unheld" Running of the Bulls this year which caused controversy or that his costume was a coincidence. As I turned the corner, this group of indigenous people, either from Tlaxcala or Malinalco were dancing in their incredibly beautiful costumes.

One of the "big" events of this day is when they "blow up" these paper mache figures and after they blow up the toys, food and clothing that is attached is grabbed by children running around in the melee.

These two little children were watching all of this next to me - none to happy!

Here is the aftermath as they were coming to the end of the explosions of the paper mache toys. Notice the green metal structures? Later that night these are lit and swirl and tilt and blow apart while there is a fireworks show overhead. They are called castillos. Mexicans DO love their fireworks. Believe it or not, this mess of stuff on the ground in this photo is cleaned up within an hour of the finish of this event!
There is NEVER a dull moment in Mexico!

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This is truly a wild celebration that goes on for hours. So glad that we got to see it a few years ago. The Mexicans really know how to throw a party! I remember jumping when the first doll blew up...wasn't expecting that.