Sunday, October 07, 2007


Sometimes it bothers me that I can't walk to the water or jump on a sailboat and tack up and down the lake or bay! Living here in the mountains of Mexico is an unlikely place for someone who lived most of her life near the water............and wearing shoes, it hardly happens. I try to make it through most of the year in sandals!

So, I content myself with the visual beauty of this town and the gardens that I have created since moving to San Miguel de Allende. This view is from my bedroom which has an entire wall of windows that allows me to feel as though I'm living in the garden. Upstairs in the living room is another wall of windows with views of the mountains and also you can look down on the town.
I guess the next time I go to Houston (4th largest boating area in the USA) or to the Pacific coast I'll need to make sure that I sail a bit.
I laugh when I look out at this two story bourganvilla (which I can see right now as I write this blog). I laugh because when I was in Houston I babied and prodded the bourganvilla and NEVER did it do well. I have now discovered that a drier climate is ideal and absolute neglect is what they and learn!

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Well, at least my dear Aries friend, you have an occasional water fall. Us fire signs need water in our lives. But we need beauty as well and your bougainvilla is awesome...mine grows but never blooms.