Monday, July 30, 2007

"Under the weather"

Yes, I was "under the weather" this weekend, literally and figuratively. I was "hit with something" about 8PM on Friday night and didn't come back to life til this morning! Wow, you would think all my clothes would be loose today, NOT!
It was a great weekend to be sick cause we had a "gully washer" on Friday night that was thunder, lightning, hail, wind and flooding............the talk in town today was that we had 6 inches over the weekend (not confirmed) but it sure seems like it. I have never experienced a storm like that in San MIguel before - the lightning and thunder began at 9PM and didn't stop til around 3AM.......amazing. "Gully washer" might be a Texas term - I'm not sure.......
The presa (reservoir)down the hill from my house looks like an infinity pool - the water is running over all the walls. The cascada (waterfall) coming down the canyon wall is as wide as I have ever seen it. Truly a sight to behold. Of course now the wildflowers are getting as high as the roof of the taxis and it won't be long that the wildflowers on the sides of the highways will be higher then the top of my Pathfinder. I kid you not.
So now I understand the term, "under the weather" better then ever.

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1st Mate said...

"Gully washer" is good. My favorite is "frog strangler." And you're hogging all the rain while we wait for naught out here in the desert!