Monday, July 30, 2007

The "daily" traffic

I do believe you could live in your house in San Miguel and never have to leave........if you have a maid and handyman, that is. They will pay bills, go to market, fix things, buy flowers and generally make life "la vida loca".
In addition, there is the "flower boy" who stops once or twice a week to see if I want long stem roses - a dozen for 40 pesos (and I always tip him with some postre) and he grins from ear to ear..........then there is the water man who comes on Wednesdays, usually, if not Thursday morning. The laundry is picked up and delivered back, clean and folded. Aaah, retirement......but it doesn't end there!
There is the gas truck to deliver gas cylinders........the milk man who has milk in cylinders and people here him honk and are out on the street with a dipper and a container to take their milk into their casa. That is daily........AND if you listen carefully at 4PM every day a man sells fresh roasted "elote" (corn) on the corner and also if you hear a sweet whistle, that is the man who sharpens knives and scissors. My ear is now attuned to all of these sweet, sweet sounds of Mexico.


Billie Mercer said...

I love all these sounds of San Miguel too. Good post.

Babs said...

Thanks Billie. Aaah yes, the sounds! I'll write about that too. I was just telling a house guest about that last week!