Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So unpredictable.........so you go "with the flow"!

One of the things I love here is you NEVER know what the day will bring.......yesterday started out normal, until I picked up the phone and it was dead. My thought, "oh well it will work later", and it did!
I meet a group of women on Monday mornings for cappuchino to catch up on the news and what's coming up, etc.etc.etc. We meet "loosely" at 11AM and people stroll in for the next hour or so........we've all learned that a specific time is irrelevant, ha. Anyway, as I was sitting and waiting for "the girls" a commotion began on the other side of the jardine. I couldn't see what it was but I could hear it............soon I could see it, as they came parading by the outside cafe. There were about 75-100 people with signs saying that they wanted the "Running of the Bulls" celebration that is always held in September. It has been cancelled this year due to the overwhelming amount of people last year.............over 200,000 young people if I remember correctly. So, they had their signs, and their voices and then a truck with loud speakers appeared to lead them. A few were dressed like bulls and a couple like "runners". There was lots of laughing and fun. They circled the jardine about three times and then congregated in front of city hall for a demonstration which entailed someone talking and then they all left. . I did notice several signs with the Sol beer logo on them so I assume that is who paid for the signs.............I was sorry I didn't have my camera. NEVER a dull moment. Oh and of course, we women couldn't talk til it was allllllll over because of the noise! Funny, funny.


picklesandroses.blogspot.com said...

Never ever a dull moment for sure. So was it the city that made the decision not to have the bulls this year? Probably a smart move as young people usually don't have much money to spend...sounds kinda like the problem Galveston had with Kappa weekend.

Gypsy Girl said...

I have been reading your blog because I will be living in SMA starting Jan '08. I agree with the above comment. You may be better off without the running of the bull. I went to the real running of the bulls in Pamplona Spain. It was a great experience to see it, but the folks that live there wish it would go away!!!
Gypsy girl

Babs said...

Yes, the city made the decision. It is very costly to cover security, transportation, clean-up etc. These are primariliy colege students who don't stay in hotels, stay in their cars, drink, carouse, and generally have fun! But it is a mess..........and literally the traffic jams coming into town are dangerous.........so the city made the decision.
The only ones that want it are the beer companies. It has been moved to the city of Salvatierra about 2 hours from here YEAH!