Monday, July 30, 2007

A Texas "character"

One of the things I love about Texans is that they are sometimes, LARGER THEN LIFE, and real characters! I love people who are secure enough in themselves to be themselves.......well a Texas legend died last night. He was "Maaaaaaaaaaarvin Zindler of Eyewitness News"! Yes, he was a television "character" but so much, much more! I couldn't possibly write everything about this man even if I tried. If you're interested after finishing my blog go to and read the story.
He was the man of the "little" man and he used his celebrity, his many plastic surgeries and dressing like a "dandy" to get people's attention. And, attention he got! He loved to have a "roach and rat" report once a week about the restaurant industry. Restauranteurs dreaded those weekly reports of what the health department had found..........and then back in the 70's he did reports about a "bawdy" house in LaGrange, Tx. known as the Chicken Ranch. The rest is lead to The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Dom Deluise played a character similar to Zindler.......
He talked openly about his plastic surgeries and then leaned on those who made money off his surgeries to do all kinds of needed surgeries on people from all over the world who had suffered in wars, fires, accidents or were born with defects.
There will never be another Marvin just like there will never be another Molly Ivins, Ann Richards, Barbara Jordan or all the Texas "characters" that I am proud to say lived and made their mark in Texas! There are zillions, luckily!

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