Friday, June 01, 2007

This and That from Houston

I have been busy, busy with all the things I said I was going to do when I got to Texas. A trip to North Carolina with the Orange Show Eyeopener group was a blast! We saw "outsider art" and the beautful countryside of North and South Carolina. I'll write more in detail when I get back to San Miguel in mid-June when I can post photos.
I do believe I've eaten every kind of food since I've been up here. I've been out to breakfast lunch and dinner with friends and I don't think I can eat many more meals. I'm not used to eating more then two meals a day and sometimes only one at noon and this has been a test of my perserverence. Houston is truly the "eating outest mostest" city in America!
For some reason the heat hasn't been that bad even though I HAVE been out in it. Although I must admit when I took my grandson to the zoo on Wednesday I was happily "wiping my brow" to keep the sweat from falling in my eyes. It was worth it!
So, that's it in a very tight nutshell - I'll elaborate more when I'm back "south of the border".

2 comments: said...

So glad you are here and can't wait til you come to my house and it is my turn to bend your ear. Guess I better get busy cleaning...I've let everything go while working toward these shows. :) See you not soon enough!

Tom said...

Well since this was written on June 1st, 5 days ago, I'm sure your feeling the heat now. It was great going to the Carolinas with you. Enjoy the rest of your visit. Maybe we can get together once more before you leave.