Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Eyeopener Tour

This latest trip to the Carolinas was my third trip with the Orange Show Eyeopener tour group. Every trip is like Christmas morning - you don't know WHAT you're going to see or what great present you're going to get in the form of the artist or his work.
If you're interested in knowing what "outsider art" is all about and the fun and wacky trips that this group takes, go to Each trip I take with this group, I think the next can't possibly be as great and each is better and more different then the last - in 2000 we went to Edward James' Sculpture Gardens called Las Pozas in Xililta, Mexico. A surreal trip and gardens! You can read about these trips if you go to The other trip I took with this group was Wisconsin, a bit of Iowa and Illinois. Architecture as well as outsider art was the theme of that trip.
I couldn't write a better description of this latest trip nor do I have any better photos then the ones taken by my compadres. Yours truly is with Sam the Dot Man with one of my latest acquisitions, the Cathedral which lights up! It will be in the same room with the 30" red bull and the "Cock-eyed Optimist" facejug that will be returning with me to Mexico. It ought to be a riot as I cross the border.........I think I'll prop "Mr. No Bull" in the copilot seat with a seat belt and see what the Mexican immigration guys do, just for the fun of it!

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