Monday, June 25, 2007

A perplexing comment!

Last night at a lovely dinner party, a friend and I were talking about children and grandchilden. She was astonished when I said that I hoped I would be blessed with more.......truly astonished! And, her astonishment astonished me, truly. She doesn't like children.

I thought about the comments before I fell asleep and they have popped into my mind off and on all day. I guess I'm selfish in that I love the unconditional love of children I can't think of anything better then when a small hand reaches up to hold yours out of love or for reassurance or a hurling body comes at you with a great big bearhug ORRRRR when they let it be know that the ONLY place they want to sleep that night is with their snoring Grammy.

I wouldn't take a million or a zillion dollars for all of those experiences or memories. Equally I have wonderful memories of my grown children - those memories also are priceless.

Life is interesting and meeting people of all different mind sets is equally interesting.

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