Saturday, June 23, 2007

Christopher and Grammy at the Houston Zoo

What a fun day this was in May! Christopher and I went to the zoo not only to see the animals but to feed the ducks and to ride the train (his favorite). We had a great time in the herpatology building trying to find the snakes and other creatures whose camouflaged skin is miraculous.
Speaking of miraculous, Christopher is our "miracle" kid. He was born at 7 months a few days after his mother was diagnosed with leukemia. Although he was in intensive care for a week or so, he is a happy, healthy, extremely smart boy. He's 8 now and his mind goes a mile a minute. He is always thinking of better ways to do things and things to invent. I'm astonished on a continual basis by his insightfulness. He lost his Mom physically 3 years ago but spiritually she's with him every minute of every day and it is that constant presence that gives me serenity. Grandchildren are such an unexpected joy


Gin said...

What a precious kid. I know you love him mucho. Thanks for the photo it's always fun to add a face to the imagination. Gin

Babs said...

Thanks for commenting Gin! Christopher is one of FIVE gifts that I have been given!!!! The unconditional love is priceless.