Saturday, June 23, 2007

No mas papel

Oh my gosh, I'm a newspaper junkie! My family has said that in the past I made a career out of the Sunday paper. I'm back in San Miguel and found out that El Universal is no longer publishing the English version of the Miami Herald. It was sparce but it was a paper and had some good articles on various events in Mexico and good travel articles. I have been bereft for two days thinking that I have no paper anymore other then Atencion which is not exactly a "news" paper, to put it mildly.
So, what are my alternatives? I guess I'll continue to read the Houston Chronicle online and the New York Times but it's not the same..............I wonder how much it would cost to have the Sunday New York Times mailed to me? Probably a fortune. I guess I'll get over it and some day will forget that I miss it, I guess.

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