Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It is amazing how you meet people who then become your friends and enhance your lives. I met Sue and Vandy in San Miguel de Allende although they live in Galveston. We met at a dinner and I knew by the end of the evening that I wanted to get to know them better. Alas, that was 7 or 8 years ago. We have had so many laughs and fun times together, both in Houston, Galveston and in San Miguel. The first photo is of a recent evening at the Chaine de Rotisseurs dinner in Galveston. The Chaine is the oldest international"gourmand" dinner club in the world. I have been to dinners in many different places and it is always an interesting group of people not to mention the exquisite dinner. Well, Sue and Vandy are a "one of a kind" couple. When we first met they talked about traveling in the 70's to the beaches of Puerto Vallarta and camping there. We all have a love for Mexico.
They have been coming to San Miguel for way longer then I have and used to fly their plane down here and land it they drive in Vandy's black Caddy which I have dubbed "the Mafiamobile" - only because of previous family ties to the gambling world that used to exist in Galveston.
Vandy is a raconteur and can tell stories for hours about his BOI (born on the island) experiences. Sue is the quiet steady one who is always there to add to the joy. Below is a picture of Vandy in "one of his moments" that made me laugh when I first saw it and still makes me laugh.

Everyone in San Miguel always wants to know "When are Vandy and Sue coming?" because they are just so darn fun and interesting! I'm lucky to call them my friends.

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