Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Perfect Day

Aaaah, today has been a perfect day! A warm, sunshiny day! I bought plants at Candelaria and worked in the garden pruning and planting and generally cleaning up the various gardens and the roof terrace. And, I did it in sandals so my toes have been in the sunshine. Being a Southern woman, I hate shoes! I love when I can be barefooted or in it has been a perfect day!
Gardening to me is the most delicious, restorative hobby. It is meditative and also gives me a sense of accomplishment at the moment and for weeks afterwards as the flowers bloom and bloom and bloom.
Being able to have the windows and doors open today has been a delight after all of our rain and cold. The birds have been chirping and the hummingbirds have been racing around in the garden looking for something with nectar. The tabby "feral" cat that loves to nap on the chaise in the garden outside my bedroom window wall is all curled up out there as I write this post. Aaah, a day of perfection!


Billie Mercer said...

Yes, it was a beautiful day and perfect one for gardening. said...

I'll trade ya.