Thursday, February 08, 2007

Doing "nothing" is doing "something"!

Twice yesterday I met people from other places - a couple from Chicago and one from Aspen. Both asked the age old question that I get ALLLLL the time, "So what is your day like?" "What do you do?" My usual retort is "Well what do you do in a day in Chicago......Aspen?" They typically look at me blankly and then I say, "As little as I can get away with!" The discussion continues..............."Do you get bored?" they ask. "No" "Are you lonely?" "No" What kind of questions are these? Do people in the USA ask other people in the USA these questions? I never had anyone ask me that in Houston. And so it continues..........and I end up saying "Doing nothing is doing something - like reflection, watching the butterflies, the hummingbirds, the children or the beautiful sunsets". I don't know if they get it. But sometimes I see a lightbulb go off in their eyes and I know those are the ones who will return to San Miguel.

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Tis rather strange but I think those folk are just trying to imagine what their lives would be like and what they would do with their time that might be different from their lives in the States or wherever. It is especially hard for those who have never made the time to watch a flower move from bud to bloom or a butterfly float on a breeze...I doubt those folk will ever "get it" and that is okay, too, as long as they don't settle in SM, huh!