Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The "Attack" of the Ants

I have been having an ongoing "episode" with ants for about six months. But, they were in the calle and building mounds that reminded me of the photos my son took of the ant mounds in Australia. These mounds up against the house on the street are about 12 inches high now and I haven't known WHAT to do about them. I figured they would move on......wrong.
Well, I'm springing into action now! On "Sunday I went to Candelaria and bought ten rose bushes and planted them. Later that day I noticed ants carrying green things through the garden and I was amazed at the size of the green "thing" they were carrying. Then I saw one with something yellow. Well, yesterday I discovered that in less then 24 hours they had stripped the roses of ALL of their leaves and some of thier buds! I'm astonished. I have never in the many, many years of my gardening had this experience. So today I drove to Home Depot in Celaya (45 minutes away) and bought some "Ant Begone"............that's the name of it. I have now dusted around the roses and tomorrow with rubber gloves and boots on I'll attack the mounds on the street. There are so many things I do here in Mexico that make me smile because I don't think my friends in the USA would believe my "primitive" living and I always feel like I've truly accomplished something.................

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Billie Mercer said...

So ants like roses too!
I'm sorry about your roses. Ant Begone!