Monday, November 20, 2017

Exquisite Furniture Sale in San Miguel de Allende

Anyone who has attempted to find quality made custom furniture here in San Miguel has found it to be an adventure. 

There are a couple of good consignment shops and a couple of quality stores with good quality furniture at very expensive prices.

Most of us here wait for Estate Sales and sometimes Garage Sales.  However, most expats sell their houses furnished, so finding  really, really beautiful things is a test of patience and determination.

Well, a friend of mine is selling a GREAT quantity of exquisite furniture made in Mexico City.
The finest of the fine.  Photos below are just some of the items of furniture, art and bronzes.

                                           Beautiful hand rubbed finish on the table and chairs
                                          Slip covered three seater sofa with beautiful frame
                                               Traditional Mexican chair covered in leather
                                                                   Antique armoire
                                                                Lyre back arm chair
                                                       Comfortable rocker
                                              Comfortable and beautiful Queen Anne chair
                                               Barley twist arm chair with beautiful fabric
                                        TWO custom made white sofas in very good condition

                                                                     A bronze
                                                            Nicely framed art
                                                            Exquisite piece
                                                        All iron headboards are custom made
                                                          Custom made armoire

                                                               Another bronze
                                                                    More art
 Believe it or not, this is just a sampling.  In addition there are more tables and chairs, a leather sleeper sofa in black, bedside tables. There are bed linens, lamps and a washer and dryer.  You will just have to call and set up an appointment with Carmen to go to her home and see all of it.  The prices, believe me, are incredibly reasonable.

Carmen is taking calls to set up appointments to see everything.  The appointments will begin on
Wednesday and go on until ALL is sold.  Carmen's phone number is 552-106-8070.  Yes, this is
a Mexico City cell phone but Carmen lives in SMA.  If you are calling from a land line phone you
will put 01 in front of the number.  If you are calling from the USA, dial 011521552-1068070.  Note
the 1 after 01152.  Hopefully this will work!!!  Prices WILL NOT be given out over the phone as it is not even finished being priced............

Carmen will be waiting for your call and to set up an appointment with you.  I promise that you won't be disappointed in the beauty or quality of anything she is selling.  Wish I could have photographed all of it.........

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