Sunday, November 20, 2016

Watching the Webcam in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico..........

About a month ago, for some reason, I decided to check the webcam in the evening.  What I saw was odd
and confusing.  Finally, just today, the mystery has been solved.

As I looked at the webcam,, there was an unoccupied stage set up at one end of the plaza.  There must have been a ceremony earlier, I surmised.  Covering the rest of the area between the jardin and the Parroquia church were vehicles, police officers at attention in uniform and officers on horseback.  All together it was an unusual sight.  One I had never seen before.  Hence, I continued to check back in from time to time to see what was continuing to occur.

The vehicles, police cars, would drive around the jardin on the four adjacent streets and reform in a new formation.  Weird.  This went on for close to an hour.  There were few bystanders.  Just those involved
in the activities and me, up here on the hill, checking in on the internet. 
I've been curious for all this time as to what was going on.  Mentioning it to others did not provide any clues, which is typical.  Finally, today, the online newspaper Mexico News Daily had an article about the administration replacing the old police vehicles with new ones - thirteen to be exact.  Five for the Municipal Police, five for the Highway Patrol of the federal road that encircles San Miguel and three for Civil Patrol, whatever that means.

Although I checked the webcam late in the evening, I sure would like to know if the priest from the Parroquia had earlier come out and blessed the new fleet with holy water.

Never will I forget the first time that I saw all the taxis and police cars lined up in the Plaza with their hoods up one morning.  Some of the taxis were decorated with streamers.  Then the priest came out and walked to each and every car and sprinkled holy water under the hood.  It was a sight to behold.  Unlike anything I had ever seen.  I've never seen this done again.  Although once when the schools got all new desks and office equipment, it was all unloaded in front of the church.  Lo and behold, the priest came down and walked from desk to desk and chair to chair to bless all the items.  Amazing.

The plaza between the church and the jardin has, in the past, been referred to as the living room of San Miguel.  It's where the hat sellers, balloon sellers, tourists and locals walk through on their way to wherever.
All parades end up here and indigenous tribes dance here for ceremonies.  It's a joy.

Checking the webcam from time to time is fun.  Living a simple life is great.  Let me know what you think of our little town.

In the coming days, along with today, there will be lots of activity as this is the weekend to commemorate the Revolution, a federal holiday.  Hopefully tomorrow the tradition of the kindergartners dressed as Pancho Villa and others will parade.  They too will end up in this plaza area.  It is a delight to see.  Enjoy!



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