Monday, November 14, 2016

The "Gypsy Kids" Have Plenty to Say!

Matilda and Sebastian came over after school today.  While they were eating snacks and we were all talking, out of the blue, Sebastian stood up and said "My Mexican friends say no Mexican will  ever build the wall for Trump"!  Now, I have never discussed politics or said anything about either candidate because, of course, I was thinking that they are only six and eight years old.
Sebastian was not through after he made that comment.  He asked, "Do you think Trump is going to come to Mexico and have a Revolution and hurt us?"  His daddy and I assured him that Trump would be smart NOT to come to Mexico.

Then Matilda added several comments about the President-elect - some of which were true and some were not, so we discussed them.  I am assuming these subjects were discussed with her classmates at the International School.It was astonishing to see and hear their comments and how well they grasped quite a bit of what is going on.

Matilda ended it with saying that girls and women have to stand up for themselves and not let anyone take
advantage of them, Ever.

I was so flabbergasted by all these comments that I did not pursue continuing the conversation.  However, I
think the next time I see them this week, I will ask them more questions and discuss this more with them.
They are never too young to learn about democracy, pride in the USA and all the things that I and my son
learned in grammar school in the USA.

Even though we all live in Mexico, we are still first and foremost US citizens.



Unknown said...

My mumsie would have said "out of the mouth of babes", they are our future, thankfully. Very sweet.

crynoutloud said...

Hola Babs.
Wow, interesting. unfortunate but expected.
How deep do you want to go with the kids. I would start explaining Racism. A Human and world dilemma that pits groups of people against each other causing fear, hate and wars. What are they fighting over? Resources and Power? Kids understand that.
Trump tapped into this reality.
Its my guess that half of the people that voted for Trump held their nose and voted for him because they vote Republican no matter what. The other half was probably a racist vote. A group of people who feel they are losing "resources and power." They are losing their jobs to immigrants and other Countries.
I hope the Mexican people realize that the majority of the American people do not agree with Trump.
But hey, I'm a Democrat. I'm from Chicago. Yesterday the Mayor and our Congress Rep Luis Gutierrez had a news conference stating that Chicago is still a Sanctuary City. Immigrants will be protected no matter what Trump says or does.
Please try to get the message out that most Americans are not against Mexicans.

Babs said...

Indeed Shelagh, I say that all the time - in fact, I have another email address that is called out of the mouth of Babs!

Crynoutloud, The Mexicans know it is Trump. They are concerned about their families in the USA and also the fact that those in the USA send money home for them to live.
In fact, remittances, money sent home from the USA by all the workers is the #1 source of revenue for Mexico, followed by oil and then tourism! Most people are not aware of that.

I'm thrilled to hear that Chicago will remain a Sanctuary City! I too am a Democrat originally from Chicago. I always will be, even though I left Chicago 65 years ago! My parents were very very active in the Democratic party no matter where we lived. I have followed their example.

Thanks for writing. I always appreciate your comments.

Retired Teacher said...

Sometimes children have more common sense than so-called "adults".
Thanks for posting that.

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