Sunday, November 13, 2016

Quietly Searching for Beauty

It has been one heck of a ten days!  The amount of time since I wrote the last post.  It is a good thing we cannot see the future.  I think many of us would just curl up into a ball.......and hide.

On the fourth of November,  a lovely lady who reads the blog, secured the lease for Casita Tranquila!  Less then twenty four hours after I posted the photos.  Several other people were interested as well.  It was an eye opening experience.  Through this past week, I've heard from many in emails asking for help in how to move to Mexico and how to find a place to live!  The next post that I will write will be about a "tiny" casita that a friend of mine is leasing.  I saw it on Friday and despite its size, it is very, very well thought out and has many wonderful qualities.

To be honest, I hardly remember what happened from Friday the 3rd until Tuesday the 8th.  It was a day of
great anticipation.  It was finally here.  Thankfully, I thought.  No more rude pundits and prognosticators.  Enough already. 

Just about the time that I was heading to a Viewing Party at a dear friend's house, it started pouring rain.
When I arrived, kiddingly I said, "I hope this isn't an omen".  Everyone said "shhhhh".  Oh my.  Shock
is an understatement at the feelings of all of us as we quietly left about 9:30PM.......quite early.

Waking in the middle of the night, it felt like I have felt in the past when a dear friend or family member  has died.  I hoped it was a bad dream and not true.  Waking to the light of day........and continuing rain and cold......I knew it  was  not a bad dream, but reality.

My way of dealing with grief and shock is to hunker down, not leave the house, and attempt to process
what has happened.  With the continuing rain and cold and darkness fittingly matching my mood, it was
easy to hunker down.

Hopefully I'm wrong, but I feel like democracy died with this election and all the hopes for a better America
for all hangs tenuously in the hands of those who are not empathetic and compassionate.  I so so hope that
I am wrong.
After seeing an interview in West Virginia this morning on CBS Sunday Morning with former coal miners, my heart was saddened by the people expecting the president elect to save them.  I so hope they are correct, as their lives seem to hang in the balance.  I could write a lot more about why I don't think that will happen but
I doubt you want to hear my thoughts on that subject.

So, when reflecting and recovering I search for beauty.  This moth on the wall on the roof terrace staggered me with its beauty.  I got as close as I thought possible to look at it quietly.  The colors, the simplicity, and
its aerodynamic shape reminded me that nature and the world itself can be perfect in their creation.  Literally, I sat and watched this moth for over an hour in awe.
The touching gestures I see in San Miguel that are so poignant always lift my heart.  This cross is built into a wall down the hill from my house.  Here someone has tucked a flower in the crack in the cross.  How lovely. A random act of kindness.
Then quite suddenly three things happened in the garden.  A sign, I think.  This night blooming cereus burst into bloom. Quite unusual for this time of the year.  Also blooming quite profusely is the poinsettia tree  and
one lone butterfly lily in Jennifer's garden. Again, at an odd time of the year.  What a gift, truly.

My point, of course, is yes we have to be vigilant and not give up on the United States or the people who need us.  We have to get back into being proactive, but we still have to remember the beauty surrounding us and the kindness and thoughtfulness not only of friends but total strangers.  It is ALL still there for us to be aware of at this time.



Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Beautiful words. Well said. Onward is the only option.

Babs said...

Hi Peter! How interesting to have a post from you! About 10 minutes ago, you popped into my head.........I was thinking about whether I want to rent the house out for January! When I looked into my closet and saw all that had to be moved, if I do so, I was overwhelmed and quickly slid the door closed. Ha.


Steve Cotton said...

It looks as if my moth visited you. Or maybe it was your moth visiting me.

Babs said...

So true Steve. I smiled when I saw your photo the other day! Who knew there could be more then one of those awesome creatures!

Unknown said...

Well written...Beautifully articulated description of the sadness of the results of this election. I am moving to SMA in March and actively buying anti-Trump bumper stickers for my Texas plated car so that the Mexican people will know that I had no part in his election. Still searching for some kind of discreet lapel pin.

Babs said...

Hi Laura - Thanks for taking time to comment on this post and welcome to San Miguel.

I HIGHLY suggest that you not put a anti-Trump bumper sticker on your Texas plated car. It will show that you are here on a tourist or temporal visa and call attention to you and your car.

The best way to live in Mexico is NOT to call attention to yourself and be understated but to act in kindness to all you meet. If we live here, they know we don't support Trump as 99% of voters and expats living in Mexico are anti-Trump.

Mexican people do not make statements - it is not part of their culture except as it relates to their own politicians.

I have an anti-Trump bumper sticker but I keep it at home and would never put it on my car.........just an FYI.

Hope we meet next spring.

Unknown said...

I appreciate the advice and will follow it. I am sure we will one day meet. I have had my house since 2001 but only able to stay for 2 weeks at a time. I am now retiring. I have traveled in Mexico for 45 years. My first visit to SMA was in 1968 when my parents rented a house for a vacation. I am a RN and want to volunteer in some way in healthcare and in literacy. I am especially concerned about the schools in the campo...I have been saving a few children books in Spanish to bring down. I speak a fair bit of Spanish. Maybe you know of someone or group I should contact to volunteer...

Babs said...

Hi Laura, thanks for your reply. There are over 100 NGO's here in
SMA! So many groups to work with and I know you'll find your fit
in more then one place. The books will be greatly welcome since as
you know paper and books are very expensive in Mexico, as are toys.

There is a group that goes into the campo to teach the children English
and to work with that community. I have several friends involved with
that group.

Then there is Patronato Pro Ninos which has a healthcare truck and dental
truck that goes out into the campo. Two friends are on that board. You
will be MOST welcome wherever you decide to help.

I'm happy to introduce you to people, if you wish, when you get here and
get settled.

Buen viaje.

Unknown said...

Thanks. I will search you out when I get down there. Do you escape to Texas during May?

Babs said...

Buenos dias Laura. I usually have a grandchild graduating from high school or
college so I do go up for part of May and part of June. I DO have another one
graduating next May! So, I will be up there for that. May isn't that bad....
just a few days when it is hot in the afternoon for a couple of hours.

See you when I see you. My email address is

TakeToTheHighwaydotcom said...

Hi, Barbara,

Just checking in to see if you were able to rent your lovely Casa Tranquilla. Congrats on filling your lovely space so quickly!

I also appreciated what you had to say about seeking beauty after the election travesty, as I felt the same overwhelming need. So I wanted to share one of my favorite Thoreau quotes that has been soothing to me; "I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.”

Hope you are well.

Babs said...

Hi Suzanne - Thanks for the quote. It is lovely.
Yes, the guest house is leased for one year beginning December 1, 2016.
It seems that I do not have a problem finding a new person......I hope that
at some point it will be someone who wants to stay forever!

Happy Thanksgiving!