Thursday, November 03, 2016

Casita Tranquila Available for Long Term Rental - Immediately

Life can change in an instant!  It happened, unfortunately, for the lovely lady living in the guest house at present.  She hurt her knee badly while traveling and now has to return to the USA for surgery, physical
therapy and all that stuff.  She just made the decision a couple of days ago that she can not use stairs,
period, not even the few to enter the guest house much less the flight to the second floor. She tried to make it work for two weeks. Therefore she is moving immediately.

I hate to see her go but I need to find another suitable person to live at Casa Tranquila, hopefully for a minimum of one year or forever!  ha.......

The house is a one bedroom (16 ft x 20 ft), one bath two story house with lots of light from windows and free standing.  It is located in a quiet colonia and seldom are there the sounds of fireworks, barking dogs or the things that are typical in Mexico.  Very few cars even come down the street!

It is surrounded by lush gardens and also has a lovely roof terrace on the third floor for dining, sunbathing or enjoying the unparalleled views of the canyon and mountains.  It is a five minute walk, down hill to the Ramirez market for fresh fruits, vegetables and artesan items, restaurants, etc and another five minutes to the main jardin and Parroquia.  

 As you enter the front double doors, the open concept living room dining room and kitchen are on the
first floor.  The suede covered sofa opens into a queen bed for guests and the coffee table is on rollers
to make it easy to move when necessary.
 The kitchen has pots, pans, dishes, etc.  Everything you need to live here.  All you really need is to
bring your personal clothing and belongings!
 Other things provided are Shaw satellite TV, internet, landline phone,  once a week maid service and utilities are paid in the rental amount of $850USD a month. Bottled water and laundry service is the only out of pocket expense.
 The house is a little over 1000 sq ft but because of the windows and the space planning it feels much
larger.  The interior of the house was freshly painted about six months ago.
 The architectural details of some stone wall areas are lovely and add to the Mexican character of the house.
 There are two gas heaters that can be rolled around as the tanks are stored on the back of the unit.  They keep the house comfortable in the two cold months of December and January - well, cold months to me.
People from up North do not find it that cold.

 These are the stairs to the second floor and the bedroom and bathroom.  The bedroom is so big it feels like a den/bedroom!  Many people have used it that way or set up a small office or whatever.
 The queen bed is extremely comfortable.  All linens are provided.  There are two closets in the bedroom.  The one in this photo and another one tucked around the corner near the bathroom.  Both are good size.
 There is additional storage in the dresser and the chest of drawers along with another two drawer chest that is in the closet.  The French doors open to a balcony which provides lovely seating to enjoy the gardens below and the views of the surroundings.

 The bathroom has a sink, commode and a large shower.  No tub, but few homes have tubs in Mexico in order to conserve water.  I've been told the shower head is wonderful.  Plenty of hot water as well.

There are many more photos to see on the blog of previous posts.  If you go to the Search box you can put in Casa Tranquila and see all of them.  Somewhere on my computer are photos of the roof terrace and the views, also of the front of the house which gives you an idea of the size of it all,  but for some reason I cannot find them right now.

The house is available for viewing.  It seldom is available and rents quickly as it is priced below market and with the good furnishings and accessories is appreciated by viewers.

In order to lease the house, the first and last month payment are required along with the security deposit for a total of $2,550 USD.  Sorry, no smokers and pets are discussed on a case by case basis.

If interested, please contact me at or by phone in San Miguel at 415 152-8375.  If calling from the USA, I have a Vonage of 713 589-2721 and you can leave a message if
I'm not here and I will return your call.

Hope to hear from you!



Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Sorry to hear your tenant has left because of an injury. I hope you'll have the casita rented soon. We can vouch for its beauty having seen it ourselves. A pretty spot indeed.

Babs said...

Yes, sadly, she injured her knee while in Italy and had to travel back with the pain and the difficulty of walking. As you well know, San Miguel is a very difficult place
to be when one is not mobile!

Thanks for the kind words.

Life's a Beach! said...

Beautiful casita! I would love to run away to San Miguel for a year, but not sure how my husband would feel about that. : )

Babs said...

Well, Beck, I would love to have you here. BUT, maybe your husband would love it too.

There is tennis, golf, horseback riding, pickle ball (don't ask me what that is), poker groups, hot springs, - in other words more then enough for men.....and women to do!

Try it some time - you both might be happily surprised.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes on renting it quickly, Babs. Living in the city is not for me but it's a beautiful place that I am sure would be a gift to the right person(s). Todo lo mejor!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Babs said...

Thanks MWA.........the great thing about up here is you have the feeling of
being in the country because of the views of the canyon and mountains......

Then I walk down to centro and am happy to get back home to the tranquility
of the hill.

laura ann loveland said...

Your casita is charming and I wish you luck in finding the special person to share it with. I miss San Miguel very much, but it was time to "settle down" and we decided to return to our beach roots in PV. You might want to check out my blog MEXICO AND BEYOND: LAURA'S PHOTO JOURNEY at
We follow a lot of the same blogs. Love your Catrina also! Laura

Babs said...

Hi Laura - Thanks so much for posting. PV was my first choice back in the 90's but then I came to SMA and somehow I ended up here! I'm such a water person that it still astounds me that I am landlocked. However I do manage to get to the water in Jan/Feb on the Pacific and then to sail in Texas in May/June when back in the Houston area. I'll check out your blog. Thanks.

laura ann loveland said...

Mi casa es tu casa en el mar Pacifico. I loved our winters in San Miguel, but after retiring from our "nomadic life" the ocean was a better fix for the two of us. PV is only a day's bus ride away so keep me in your book.

Babs said...

Hi Laura - Thanks so much for responding. I spent so much time in PV and still have a friend or two over there. I'll be staying about 2 hours south of PV for 6 weeks in
Jan and Feb - if I get up to PV, I'll post a message to you and see if we can connect. Back in the early 70's, it truly was paradise. I restored a house in Gringo Gulch for a client and it was so so hard to leave!

If you're ever heading this way, my email address is
By the way, the guest house was leased on the day that I posted the blogpost. It has had close to 2000 readers so far. I'm astounded.

Thanks again.