Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Surgery at H+ Hospital - San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Life has been so busy that it is difficult to find time to write blog posts!  "What?", you say.  Well it's true, even though I AM retired.

It has been on the Post It note next to the computer to write about the books that I have read this summer.  Also on a Post It note has been to write about musings about the political scene and yet, today, I decided to
write about yesterday.  Yesterday was spent at H+ Hospital which used to be called DeLaFe.  A place that
I was ensconced in a couple of times.

I wanted to see what improvements have occurred since they added an elevator to get to the patient room floor and other things. 

Ah yes, when I stayed there about thirteen or fourteen years ago for the first time, they had to wheel me up a ramp to get to the room.  I was convinced that I might die ..........not from the blood pressure issues but from being in the hospital in Mexico.

Much has changed..........all for the better. 

I was not the person having surgery yesterday.  Rather it was a friend who needed someone to take him, wait while he had surgery and then take him home to his wife who is basically home bound due to age.

Everything went like clockwork.  I was impressed.  I was impressed with the fact that the doctor said he would meet us at a specific place at a certain time to begin the process and he was there.  The surgery was
at the time the doctor had let my friend know in advance it would be and then the doctor came out to the reception room to tell me when it was over and that in two hours my friend would be able to go home!

We arrived at 1PM and left at 6:30PM.  Prep procedures and follow up procedures to remove IVs etc was done in the emergency room.  It is a very stream lined process in Mexico.  My friend paid, with a credit card, in advance, for the hospital costs for the procedure and received his documents at the end before leaving the hospital.  We then went to the pharmacy and got his prescriptions filled.  Then home to recuperate.  Bada bing, bada boom!

I was astonished at how alert he was after surgery.  Usually, well at least I am fairly groggy after something like that.  Not him, which was a relief.

It was encouraging to see the cleanliness, and organization of my friend's day of surgery at H+. The doctor was probably in his mid 30's and very sharp. I'm not sure what his specialty is, but he was very professional and friendly.

While sitting in the reception area for five hours, many old friends came in for one thing or the other.  It was like "Old Home Week".    In addition, I watched how the receptionist answered the phones, took payments for hospital care, gave documents and papers to patients, and made appointments for people.

I must say in the USA that would have required five to ten people to do all of those responsibilities.
It made me smile.

The whole experience was reassuring.  


La Tejedora said...

Barbara, this is lovely. I totally agree based on my personal experience and observations.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

What an uplifting post. While things get worse NOB it gets better in Mexico! The future looks bright...

Babs said...

Peter, it is wonderful to live here and see Mexico expand and develop from a third world company to one that is becoming innovative and leading edge to some degree.

Thanks La Tejedora for your comment as well........

Marilyn Krichman said...

Thanks for that post, Babs. Very heartening to be reassured in this manner. Wonderful to read of such a good experience in our newly updated and modernized H+.

Babs said...

Thanks for taking time to comment Marilyn. It's nice to be able to give praise and kudos when one sees positive things! Glad to share......

Mr. Bill said...

Enjoying your blog...and I too, might be moving from East Tennessee to Santiago deQuerétaro with my partner's job transfer. Very apprehensive being 68 and knowing my Medicare will not be valid. Qué Sera Sera.....

Babs said...

William, thanks for commenting. My way of handling the major health issues is to get the diagnosis from the Dr., such as you need to have your gall bladder removed - compare the pricing and then fly to Houston and have surgery. I've gone back for eye surgery and laproscopic knee surgery as well. Minor things are handled here.

There are great facilities in Queretaro, if you're willing to pay out of pocket. A friend had heart surgery and had a stent inserted-cost $14,000USD. Of course it would be lots more in the USA. Queretaro is a big city now and has just about everything you could need. You can also check out Sky Med for emergency flights back to USA to your doctor and city of choice. You join by the year. Many, many people in San Miguel have been glad to have this service.

Good luck in your transition.