Thursday, July 28, 2016

Kids Say the Darnest Things..........sometimes in Spanish!

I've been lucky enough to have Matilda and Sebastian here twice this week since they are on Summer
Vacation from school.

There are a few things they like to do when they are here. Play with the rackets and ball cocks, the bat and the ball with holes in it, the blocks, Chutes and Ladders a board game, EAT and watch cartoons.  We did all of that and more on Tuesday.

On Tuesday while eating spaghetti and meatballs, ice cream and Rice Krispy Treats, they informed me that I
was the best cook ever!  I replied that I bet they said that to everyone.  They agreed that, "Yes they did."  Made me chuckle!

On Tuesday they learned how to play the card game "Go Fish".  Seb had a hard time, if he did not win or was not first.  Today, Thursday, he was better about that and we had a much better time with playing three
games to see who won the most.  His excitement, was a joy to behold, when he won a game!  

Then, of course, they played their favorite "scam" on Grammy.  The scam goes something like, "Oh we're so hungry!  We haven't eaten since yesterday!  What do you have Grammy that we can eat?"  Then I reply with
the things I know they like.........and the feast begins.  

On Tuesday it was apples, plums, and the lunch mentioned above.  I'm amazed at how much food they can eat.  I know, for sure, that their dad feeds them before they get here.  But, it still is absolutely shocking that these little bitty people can eat so much~!  

Today, they tricked me by saying they had not had breakfast.  So I hastily made french toast and sausage links with big glasses of milk for them to drink.  Again, they ate way more then I did.  When their dad arrived, I began to question whether they had had breakfast.  "Of course" was his response - "cereal and pancakes."  Amazing!  Ha.

Their conversations make me giggle inside.  How true some of the things are that they say.  I was correcting them about sitting at the table and table manners, etc.  I commented that I might not want to take them to a restaurant until their manners were a bit better.  Sebastian, age 6, piped up with, "Oh Grammy, our manners are perfect at a restaurant because we like to go there.  At home we don't have to behave as much."
Out of the mouth of babes, for sure.  I'll file that away for future reference.........

Today when they came I was better prepared for play time.  First we played "Go Fish", then I had gotten out lots of art supplies with lots of paper for them to draw on.  They were thrilled.  It was fun for me to sit and watch how each decided what they would draw and then how they went about their drawings.

Matilda is all about mermaids with makeup, mascara, lipstick etc.  Very colorful.  Sebastian was so detailed and specific as he drew his "Wonderful World" as he called it.  It had a fence, blueberry grass, birds, fountains, butterflies, Scout the dog, a horse and grapevines painted purple, just to name a few of the many things in his drawing.  I was entranced as he came up with each item on his drawing.  Then Matilda surprised me by adding Japanese words to her drawing and tell me what it said! 

She shared with me that one of her best friends at the International School is from Japan.  How cool is that?

From time to time, when they forget I'm around, Matilda and Sebastian speak Spanish.  Or, it is when they don't want me to know what they are talking about..........they talk so fast.  But, what they don't know is that
I do know what they are saying most of the time.  I just love, though, hearing these sweet grandchildren speak Spanish!

The day ended way too quickly.  Here are a few photos from today as they were drawing and then showing their art to their dad when he arrived.

The joy of it all is listening and watching and talking with these precious grandchildren.  What a gift!


Retired Teacher said...

How wonderful that your grandchildren are growing up fluent in two languages and being introduced to more at school. That is the age to learn!

Anonymous said...

Those kids are growing like weeds! That's where all that food is going. It's wonderful that they can grow up bilingual or even trilingual.


Kim G
CDMX, México
Where we still struggle to be bilingual. Sort of.

Babs said...

Yes, Bill and Kim! They are growing like weeds and they are my maestros for learning Spanish.........And, now Matilda is writing in Japanese. I'm thrilled!

Unknown said...

Hi Babs, I was looking for info about living in San Miguel de Allende and came across your blog, which is a lot of fun to read and quite entertaining.
I am a Mexican artist, and would love to move to SMA eventually... I'm currently living in Northern Mexico, in Torreón, Coahuila. (I lived in San Miguel for almost two years some 5 years ago)
Right now there is a collection of my art work hanging from the walls of Café Santa Ana at the Biblioteca, and the show consists of photographs and paintings of cactii, which I love and which I want to share with all people who love Nature and especially desert flora... There is even a Desert Angel in the exhibit!
Well, I hope you visit my show and I also hope you like it!
I will be going to San Miguel again at the end of the month to take down the pictures. Love. Rossana.

Scott said...

It's wonderful that your grands will have the lifelong skill of a second language and better yet, one learned in such a native setting.

Babs said...

Thanks Rossana for telling me about the exhibit at Cafe Santa Ana. I hate to admit it has probably been 4 or 5 years since I've been in there, but, I will make a special effort to get down there and see your work. Thanks so much for commenting.

Babs said...

Scott - Love your comments always. The lessons and examples that Mati and Seb have received from friends and the culture, IMHO, have elevated their development beyond measure. I'm so happy they are here in this time of development!

Unknown said...

Barbara, I'm genuinely grateful my children have had the good fortune of precious time well spent with you, their beloved Grammy.

Babs said...

Oh Lisa, how beautiful for you to write and take time to tell me this. It has brought me to tears. I so appreciate your message. Your children are precious and loving and joyful. I'm grateful to have them in my life!

Thanks so much for this........

Blogger said...
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Bobbie said...

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