Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Matilda and Grammy Visit Jose Marin

A couple of weeks ago before the big theatrical production of Academia International, Matilda and I paid a visit to Jose Marin's salon on Nunez.  The purpose was a little trim of her hair at her request.  Speedily this was planned when my son mentioned that he thought he could cut her hair.  My response was an adamant, "No".

So off we went to her appointment for a little trim.  The following photos tell it all.
 Jose said it would be better to shampoo her hair before trimming it.  Having never had this done before
Mati was thrilled.
 She became a bit serious as this proceeded, but the gentleness of the shampoo was fun for her, she told me.
 In deep discussion, Jose and Matilda discussed the fact that her hair on one side was longer then on the other side.  How could that have happened?  But, after discussing how much to cut the cutting began.
 Then he gently began to blow dry her hair.  She again was pretty serious.  I guess wondering what was going to happen next!
 And, then, when she saw herself in the mirror, it was a studied gaze.  I'd love to know what she was thinking.

 But, the serious gaze did not last long as he finished up and she was happy for all that had been done
to her beautiful hair.
This little eight year old girl was one happy camper.  Jose Marin is a delight to know and was so gentle and
kind with Matilda.   Matilda literally skipped down the street when we left.  She was so happy!  I was overjoyed to have been with her to see all of this.

Now, if I could just convince Sebastian to let Jose cut his hair like he cuts his Dad's hair - ALL would be well.  One of these days, maybe.

Memories are made of this!


Billie Mercer said...

What fun for both of you. You make me jealous that I do not have a grand daughter. Mattie is just beautiful.

Babs said...

Billie, we can always be dos grammies with Matilda, any time. She would love the attention!
Yes, Mati is beautiful - inside and out..........a joy to be around.

Matthew Smith said...

My mom kept my hair cut in a pixie haircut when I was small. She had no clue how to do girl's hair- putting in barrets or ponytails Etc. I started letting my grow around 10 and my sister would fix it . I remember the thrill of seeing my hair all done after she was through. Jan Smith

Babs said...

Ahh Jan, a sweet memory! Just a few days ago I saw a segment on some show on TV about single fathers learning how to fix their daughters hair - even braid it. Now support groups have sprung up all over the USA to teach dads these things. Loved the story.

crynoutloud said...

Nina bonita. I think she looks a lot like her Grandma. Lucky girl.

Babs said...

Aww, sweet and a surprising comment. Thanks so much. She does look very much like nieces in my family! Good eye.......