Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The Road to Calechosa

It used to be there were no signs to Calechosa.  It was one of those wonderful Mexican secret places that the locals tell you to turn between the red building and the white one and then drive til you run into the beach.  Which was what happened years ago when I was trying to find another place called Chacala.  Those kinds of things always make me grin.

I started going to Calechosa about six years ago but tried to find it almost ten years ago and could not after trying lots of little dirt roads.

My reason for trying to find it was that my old time friend, John, was initially living in a trailer on the land, then he was building a house there and now living there.

Finally someone told me to turn at the building with the Bardahl sign painted on it and just keep going to the last house and turn left, then right, then left and follow the road.  Voila, that worked and I found my old friend!

At the time, the road was hardly a road, but more a goat path.  Today it is still rough going through El Ranchito, a typical little Mexican village, but oh, the drive is worth it.

Surprisingly, most of the people in the town five miles away have never heard of it BUT, all the surfers know Calechosa as a great surf break.

Now, there is a sign to indicate where to turn in to go go Calechosa and even littler signs as you drive to show you where to turn left then right and on to the good road after the village.

I decided for those who are travelers and adventurers, that I would document this little journey.

Travel with me from Hwy 200 as we turn into El Ranchito on the road to Calechosa.  I sincerely doubt that either of those names appear on any map, yet..

So, this is our own special little secret.  I had seven wonderful weeks here this year.  The perfect place to drop out from the world and regroup.
 This sign is when you've left the road to Autlan and are heading north toward Puerto Vallarta, maybe three miles up Hwy 200.
 Turn in here.

 See the little sign by the tienda that says Calechosa to the left?
 Then another sign in one short block saying go right?
 Keep going.  It gets better.

 Interestingly, this is a black sand beach.
 My friend John's house on ten acres of private property.  He has a few lots to sell too.
 It's a lovely high cliff to look down on the birds on the rocks - pelicans and gulls.  A place to watch the surfers, beachcomb for interesting rocks or to just hang out and contemplate the glorious beauty of this beautiful Bay of Cuestacomate.  Happy Trails.


Dan in NC said...

Babs, as there is nary a pole with wires in any of the latter photos, I take it that your friend is totally off the grid? LUVERLY place and location, but truly is in the back of beyond! Ain't a bad place to decompress!

Babs said...

You're right Dan. He is totally solar, which can be difficult at times. No coffee pot, no toaster, no internet and of course no microwave. He is getting ready to add more solar panels which should make a difference.

Believe it or not, I adjusted to the lack of conveniences. We "cooked" coffee on the gas , etc. I'll be so happy to see my satellite tv when I get back in my house, among other things. But, I read a LOT on my Kindle. Books I downloaded before the trip........

It was ALL good, except the being sick part.....and that wasn't, ha.

Barbara Lane said...

Oh to me a Bardahl sign can indicate magic is close by....when on the roof deck of the house I always rent in San Miguel if you face one way you have the view of la Parroquia, etc., and if you face the other you are looking right at the building across the street which sports a huge "BARDAHL" sign painted on it. When friends would see pictures they would see an "eye sore". Ha! When on the roof deck one of the first evenings there I was sipping a glass of wine and watching the sunset when I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. Looking to the "Bardahl" building across the way - seemingly so close I could touch it - I saw a Mariachi band assembling to rehearse.

Oh my! For the next two hours they played to me. I stood. I applauded. I called "Bravo" and "Saludos" while they came to the edge of their roof deck and bowed to me. They sang to me, played to me, they blew kisses as did I. And every few nights over the next weeks I was serenaded - my own private concert - as they rehearsed. I can't tell you how I cried those nights. The beauty. The utter joy. The thrill it was to be gifted with such magic.

So yes - I'd say look for Bardahl signs and see what presents beyond them. Eye-sore? Please. It was a gift from God.

Babs said...

Oh my word. How fabulous! Beauty and music are in the eye of the beholder. Thanks so much for sharing that story with all of us. I experienced it through your words.......

When will you be back here?

Barbara Lane said...

If all aligns I will be retiring and moving there in November of this year! My lips to God's ears....!!! :)

Unknown said...

What a treasure Calechosa seems to be. Your photo directions are better than gps.
I'll be in San Miguel for the month of March. I'd love to say hi in the jardin one day if you can. You can reach me via email at

Babs said...

Angeline, I sent you an email so we can meet in March. Safe travels.