Friday, February 12, 2016

Street scenes in Melaque, Mexico

Melaque is the town I drive to to check email messages since there is no satellite signal for phone use or internet use in Calechosa.

A few days ago as I left the internet shop, I saw one of the fishermen who comes out into the bay each morning to lift his nets and gather the catch from the previous night.

This day he was repairing his nets.  I caught a few photos of him
 These fishermen are wonderful stewards of the sea.  They throw back what is too little or feed it to the ever present pelicans that circle and wait in anticipation for a  nugget or two.
 The fish are definitely fresh when you buy them at the markets here.  Nothing is frozen.  I've had all kinds of fish this trip that I've never eaten before.  I had a dark meat fish last week that I cannot remember the name of.  I don't think, other then salmon, that I've ever had fish that wasn't white.

The fish was so rich that only a bit was filling and very delicious.  Chuy, a friend of my friend, literally kayaked out to the fishermen and bought the two beautiful fish that were grilled that evening.
Nothing fresher then that!

On the same day that I saw the fisherman repairing his nets, I saw a sign painter sitting on the ground
and painting signs on a wall.  His little bag was right there with all he needed to do the job.  I have
since scene him all over town.  
And I could not resist this photo of a chair that is still actually in use.  Nothing is wasted in this country.

There is a story connected to this chair and an explosive experience I had while taking this photo.
It will have to wait for another day.  It WAS a new adventure-one I do not ever need to repeat.

Stay tuned.  I'll be writing the next post from down the road as I prepare on Sunday to head back to the mountains of San Miguel to await the time when I will be able to move back in my house.

Thanks to all for the emails and FB messages hoping for my recovery.  It is happening and is now behind me.  


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Sign painters are a special kind of artist, just like fishing net menders. Oh, and we are squatting this house, not moving, ever! ;-)

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