Monday, January 18, 2016

Views from the end of the Dirt Road - Bay of Cuestacuomate

 These little blue and yellow birds are prolific.  Darting back and forth from the bourganvilla. Such intense color
 The fishermen come out at night and drop three huge nets about six PM.   They are back the next morning by 8AM and loading up the catch of the night.  The pelicans are ALWAYS waiting for a treat or two.
 This section of the bay was not previously visible, but so many trees were blown over in Hurricane Patricia that it is now a lovely sight.  Just on this property 32 trees were lost.
 A few waves yesterday, but not enough for the surfers that come to check the surfbreak from time to time.  Not much since I have been here.
 There is a new sailor in a Sunfish who has been improving his tacking skills in the last couple of weeks

As the sunset became golden, I could not resist this photo.  It is a bit out of focus, but it sure looks different from the one above!

Life is good!

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