Friday, January 15, 2016

Life at the end of a Dirt Road............

 I find myself succumbing to the "real me".  I'm becoming a nature seeking hermit!  Bet you could have never guessed that.  Especially those of you who knew me in my "business" days.  I have found nirvana.  Truly.
If its not the whales or the yellow and blue birds or the eagle I saw the other morning while drinking coffee, it is the sunsets, the stars and lightning bugs.

Then last night I got up around 2:30 to head to the bano and I saw lights out on the water.  One shining straight ahead toward the house, but the others were shining down on the water.  What the heck?  I found out this morning that it is the lobster divers out there working the waters in the bay as this is lobster season in this part of the world.  What amazing sight next?

Again, while having coffee this morning, whales out in the ocean, not in the bay.  My cup runneth over.

Closer to the house, the two boxers. Tank and Guapo, caught a skunk about five days ago.  The odor lingers, but not nearly as bad as the first day or two.  While I was gone from the house, my dear friend John, hauled the carcass off to the woods.  The dogs could not figure out why we did not want to pet them or even be anywhere near to them.

Even closer to the house, I dragged my fleece robe out of the back of the car where it had last been worn the night before I left San Miguel.  It was 63F yesterday morning but was up in the mid 80's before the day was done.  After shedding the fleece robe and the llama slippers, a day at La Manzanilla, seemed perfect.

Meeting good friends, Linda and Robert up there, a 20 minute drive, we sat at Fiesta Mexicana with our toes in the sand eating seafood and drinking beers and pina coladas.  Fine day - wide ranging conversations and beautiful surf.  How blessed I am.

Today, mundane things, picking up laundry in Melaque and dashing off a post to share a couple of photos.  Now back to the end of the dirt road, where, hopefully, I don't have to leave again til maybe next Monday!


Charles said...

What a perfect vacation from cup of tea exactly...glad you are relishing each deserve it! Say hi to Steve Cotton if and when you see him...enjoy!

Unknown said...

Life in the hills is good too! Enjoy yourself.

Steve Cotton said...

The beach has a way of revealing our true selves. And I can appreciate the "hermit" instinct it brings ouy

Life's a Beach! said...

Sounds wonderful! Enjoy the peace and quiet!

Jude said...

Whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
It's always our self that we find in the sea.

EE Cummings

Billie Mercer said...

What a wonderful reminder of what is important. Are you coming back to SMA? LOL I'm not sure I would.

Jude said...

BTW.....I have a new name. It was JVineyard but Goggle wouldn't let me sign in so I had to change it.
I see your friend Shannon died. So sad. Drink in all that nature (life) as you see it.

Babs said...

Billie, I'm sure you experience this at Port A! Such bliss watching the water!

And to all the rest of you.........this is such a restorative trip!