Sunday, November 29, 2015

A "Unique" and Memorable Thanksgiving - 2015

This year Thanksgiving was different then most years.  Usually it's mostly all family, in Texas, and at some point I was cooking Thanksgiving, even if we were having it at someone else's house.

I enjoy Thanksgiving so much.  It's a fun day of sharing with no expectations other then that the food will be yummy.  That one will have good conversations and a memory or two will be tucked away for future remembrances.

On Thursday I ventured to a home in San Miguel that I did not even know existed on that street.  I had no expectations because, truly, one never knows what is behind the iron gates that are right up against the sidewalk in centro.  I've walked past that gate for fifteen years and never gave it a thought.

I was bowled over when I walked insede, by the extensive gardens, pathways and ultimately to the home where the party was happening.

How did I end up there?  Well, my son John and Matilda and Sebastian were there.  John had prepared quite a bit of the meal.  Delicious, to put it mildly.  Others brought dishes as well.  All was yummy.

We ate upstairs on the roof terrace.  Now I have seen quite a few roof terraces.  Nothing like this.  It was huge, well designed and wait til you see the photos of what was the backdrop!  I just kept exclaiming about how surprising and beautiful the setting was for a Thanksgiving dinner.

 This is a window on the backside of the Oratorio Church!  The art work on the window facing is traditional from the 17th and 18th century.  I would love to know when it was painted!
 John is in the blue shirt getting all the food ready on the serving counter while a new friend visiting from Charleston, S.C. was guiding Scout, the dog, to where we were going to be sitting. He and his wife were
on their first visit to San Miguel and exclaiming about everything.  I think they'll be back.
 There was even a kid's table for Sebastian and Matilda and their new friends........
From every direction, the views were lovely.
 The backdrop for this event were the churches that are along Plaza Civica.  Who knew it extended
this far back? 
 The weather was great!  The new friends were fascinating to meet and converse with during the meal
and afterwards, of course.  The people were from Aspen, formerly Oakland and Houston, and       Charleston, S.C.
And, here was the delicious meal that was enjoyed by all.  How divine!


Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Wow, the table, the food and the venue are all stunning! I see kids in tee shirts! That's encouraging...

Barbara Lane said...

Gorgeous, every bit of it! Thank you for sharing with us. :)

Steve Cotton said...

Thanksgivings should be filled with plenty of surprises.

Scott said...

Such lovely gardens and it appears there was a lovely meal and celebration as well. Happy Thanksgiving!

Babs said...

Thanks Scott - Hope yours was especially Happy as well......

Anonymous said...

Hola Barbara!

Wow! I'm impressed and envious, especially of your rooftop venue. Here in New England (home of Thanksgiving, after all), Thanksgiving marks the time when it begins to be frosty at night. As such, any thoughts of having a Thanksgiving dinner out-of-doors is sheer lunacy, as the daytime temps are typically in the 40's at best, maybe lower 50's if we're lucky. And it's rainy too.

But, wow! The place where you celebrated looks so lovely. When F and I went to SMA and met you, we rented a room in a B&B place with a lovely roof deck, complete with fabulous view of El Centro. And your Thanksgiving reminds me of that place.

In any case, happy (belated) Thanksgiving.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we are working on escaping for the winter.

Babs said...

Kim, one of the greatest advantages of life here is the ability to be out of doors a lot of the time! This evening, with the arrival of Peter and Shelagh who are in the my house til the 1st of March, we sat out in the garden and drank wine and enjoyed the wonderful, warm breezes.

I like to say my house is 1000 sq ft, but my outdoor living space is about 5000 sq ft!