Sunday, May 18, 2014

The NEW Screen Door and Velcro

Now, you might say WHAT could a screen door have to do with a cat?  What's the big deal?  Well, let me tell you it is a BIG deal.  I didn't realize how big until this morning.
This door when it had the old screen looked horrible.  I had it made fourteen years ago and the screen, which wasn't aluminum, was sagging and torn and so dark and discolored I could hardly see out it anymore.

Of course I didn't realize how horrible it looked until Sr. Luna put in the same door with new screening and a new paint job yesterday afternoon.  First, I could see out, perfectly.  Second, the paint job fourteen years ago of the door was not nearly as nice. And third, and most important there is no torn or hanging screen!

The hanging screen came about because Velcro, the wonder cat, had learned to jump up, stick her claws in the bigger holes in the old screen and then shake the door when she wanted to come in.  Often at 6:30AM after having gone out sometime during the night.

This morning I awakened later then usual.  Why?  I realized it was because Velcro didn't shake the door but patiently sat outside and waited for me to open the curtains.  Amazing!

If I had only known how wonderful and life changing this would be, I would have had Sr. Luna come and get the doors sooner.

Please don't suggest a cat door.  I have too many wild critters that traverse the gardens here.  To name a few, skunk.  Muy importante, #1.  Then add the coatamundis along with feral cats.  You get the idea.  I had toyed with the idea long ago.  That was before the coatamundi climbed the tree and fell in the fireplace.  More then once.

Nope, I'd rather get up and let her out or in, thank you very much.  I'm just thrilled though to have this new experience of not having Velcro swinging the door at dawn to awaken me.

If you're interested in the cost to have the doors (2) taken down, painted, new screen added and reinstalled, 900 pesos.  About $72USD.  Priceless in my opinion now.

Life is good.


sparks_mex said...

Yup .... same thing but I finally gave up and have no screen door. My bedroom door has a screened window in the upper section and my cat jumps up and hangs on the screen while talking as loudly as he can.

What'cha gonna do

Babs said...

Sparks, how brilliant! Why didn't I think of having the real door have a place to open the windows and have screening up high. LESS likely she would jump up there....well, at least I think so.
Isn't it amazing how LOUD they can meow when they want your attention! The first time Velcro got accidentally left on the roof terrace, I was astonished at how loud her meow was. It sounded like a HUGE jungle cat! And, she is so tiny. This cat is a so many ways.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Martini, our 23 lb. cat rattles the blinds and marches back and forth between the bedroom and the back door. I play dead while Shelagh groans and lets him out. Then five minutes later he's howling at the window. Pets...

Babs said...

23 lbs! Good grief Peter. That cat is huge! Amazing. I guess I would do whatever it wanted as well. Ha.

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Martini, the 23 pound cat also has a huge reach, he managed to snag the screens on our outside doors even though they have a solid base of two feet and he is a step lower. Damm cat!

Babs said...

Geez, that cat rules! I guess I can't complain about Velcro except there is one other aggravating habit she has. When she DOES want to go out in the middle of the night, she walks across the bookshelf behind my bed which is my headboard. Back and Forth- back and forth. SO irritating.......I finally get up and let her out!

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that Velcro remains so docile about the new screen door.

I just installed galvanized screen on a door in Edgar's new house and I know how much work it can be. $900 pesos? A deal!


Kim G
Tehuacán, Puebla
Where we need to screen out things smaller than cats.

Babs said...

Kim, with the rainy season coming I thought it time to get the screens replaced. SO glad I did. It took them about four hours to do the job but it was at their workshop up the hill from me. No way I could have done it!

Shelagh Kouwenhoven said...

Babs, our Martini died on Thursday morning at the hands of a coyote, very quickly. We are in total shock, our buddy was 11.5 years old. I just wished I hugged him more.

Babs said...

Oh Shelagh, what a horrible thing. I'm so sorry to hear this news. You must be totally traumatized.
How sad. I send warm hugs and positive energy. Thanks for sharing your sorrow with me.