Saturday, May 24, 2014

Orchid Lovers Unite in San Miguel de Allende

 It wasn't a night of a beautiful sky.  It didn't matter.  The gardens of this beautiful home up, up on a hillside overlooking the valley and San Miguel provided all the beauty that anyone could desire. 
 The occasion was my first meeting with the Orchid lovers of San Miguel.  Oh my, for a first meeting it was in a spectacular environment at the home of two members of the group.
 Orchids and flowers to enjoy and admire in all directions.  I was like a kid in a candy shop.
 I've raised just about everything.  Plumerias, bromeliads, succulents, roses and just about everything else over my life of gardening for the last fifty years.  My source of meditation and peace, always.  Now I'm ready to jump into the world of exotic orchids with gusto.
 While traveling in the past in jungle areas of Mexico, I've seen orchids growing and blooming in the wild in mass profusion.  So, it can't be that hard!  Environment must be the most important factor.  At least that is what I"m telling myself at the beginning of this journey.
On a trip to the Xilitla area several years ago during Dia de los Muertos, ALL the altars were adorned in mass profusion with orchids.  Hundreds and hundreds of orchids that are indigenous to that area.  Somewhere I have those photos!  So exquisite.
 I noted with interest how these homeowners hang there orchids until they bloom and they can move to wherever they want them to be.  I have plenty of places like this (not the pole or hangers, but the space) so this is another project!
 There was not a place that one turned at this home that the scene wasn't breathtakingly beautiful. 
Members brought starts of plants  to share, talked about the recent orchid show in Mexico City and just got to visit with each other.  I knew quite a few of the current group and I look forward, with great anticipation, to getting to know the rest.



Peter Kouwenhoven said...

I too love orchids, here in Vancouver they are just not in the budget... Too bad.

Babs said...

ANOTHER thing that is not expensive here in Mexico! Thankfully.....most come from Chiapas, Rio Verde area and Guatemala.
I've seen flower beds full of orchids here in San Miguel! I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a couple from DF!

Retired Teacher said...

Lovely pictures! I've never tried my hand at growing orchids. Of course up here they would have to be raised as houseplants.

Babs said...

Thanks Bill. I kept store bought orchids in my house in Houston and they would bloom for MONTHS. Love the delicacy of them.....

Unknown said...

I am a beginner. My first orchid bloomed and is now ready to rest. I want to buy a pot and some soil for it, but don't know where to go.I wasn't it SMA for the orchid show, so I couldn't get any information there. Can you help me?

Babs said...

Hi Jean, I too am a beginner so when I bought the two orchids at the show, I bought the orchid pots at the same time.

I would think the nurseries around town would have the soil and pots as they sell orchids.....or Home Depot in Celaya.

Sorry I can't be of more help......