Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Making a Mistake!

My favorite "mistakes" happened often when I first moved to Mexico.  It seemed at the time that I didn't go anywhere that I didn't end up on the wrong road and get lost.  Wonderful times!  Villages that I had never heard of.  Vistas that I could not have imagined.  Along with finding my way to the right way was always an adventure and FUN.

I remember once leaving Patzcuaro heading toward Morelia to make the turn to head toward San Miguel.
The sign at the time was one of those that you HAD to know where it was or you would miss it in a blink of an eye.  It might still be the same!

As I discovered I was somewhere in the midst of many streets in Morelia, I pulled over next to a man at a light and asked in Spanish "Donde esta San Miguel de Allende?"  He pulled out of the traffic and I followed.
He spoke to me in English and told me how to get back to where I needed to be to get on the bypass around the city.  But, in the meantime, we had a lovely conversation and I saw parts of Morelia that were not on a tourist map.

I've also driven straight through Leon, a big city, with a big centro, but I made it.  I've gotten out and asked a group of businessmen in Guadalajara where the heck the road to Leon WAS?  (You have to watch for the sign that says Mexico!) etc. etc. etc.  Honestly though, everyone has always been so polite.  One person even led me all the way to the bypass in Guadalajara, thankfully.  Oh once, I even missed the turn toward Saltillo because I was busy listening to my books on tape.  However, the minute I realized I was headed into Monterrey, I did a U-turn across the esplanade and headed out of town as fast as humanly possible!

Making mistakes, to me is always a learning experience.  When I would return from trips back in those days, people would ask me where I had gotten lost at and where did I end up.  Glad I could bring humor to their lives, ha. 

I 've made "doozies" in all avenues of my life!  Some are downright funny now.  Not so much when they happened.  One that also comes to mind was when I was in charge of the building of a multi-story headquarters for a company in Houston.  Walking the property with the owner, he asked what was going on a certain wall.  Wall paper? Glass? What?  I answered, with a straight face, "Where did that wall come from?"  Luckily the man had a sense of humor, not realizing I was serious, and he cracked up laughing.
I have a million stories like that about my life of absurdities.

My bottom line on thoughts of mistakes is,"If you  live life to the fullest, how can you possibly NOT make mistakes?"

It would be fun to hear about some of your favorite mistakes and learning experience.  After all, "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."  Helen Keller.


Croft Randle said...

We have also had many pleasant experiences while getting lost in mexico over the years. Once in Guadalajara a man and his son lead us right across the city to find the road to the RV park. Another time a bus driver went off his route in Villahermosa to lead us back onto the highway north. Neither of these gentlemen would take any money fro their trouble.

Other times Norma has jumped into a cab and had him lead us to where we were going or, more important, out of where we should not have been in the motorhome!

Babs said...

Those are always heartwarming and heart beating experiences! I've found the taxi drivers to be wonderful about leading me out of areas as well, in my pitiful Spanish, when I tell them I'm lost!
Great memories.....Thanks for sharing...

Don said...

Love those road trip "mistakes". Now everyone has a GPS in their car and they never have stop to ask or simply follow their nose. A terrible invention that must be stamped out.

Babs said...

Don, color me old fashioned. I LOVE paper road maps plus the mental acuity (most of the time) to follow the signs.
I have no need or desire for a GPS.
Besides, a friend used his to come to SMA and it lead him into a rutted field with no roads! So much for science or electronics or however they work.
Thanks for sharing......

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

My entire life is a long string of mistakes, tied together with good intentions...

Calypso said...

Babs - A GPS is a great thing; and getting better all the time - really

Retired Teacher said...

In all the times we rented a car in Mexico, I don't think we ever got lost. The only problem was occasionally when we came to a town we wouldn't know which street leading off of the main square was the continuation of the highway. We would stop and ask someone and be on our way.

The place where we always got lost was in England. We had a GPS in our rental car. On our first day, trying to find our hotel in Reading, the GPS led into the parking garage of the shopping mall. The device then kept telling us "Turn around!". However it was a circular gsrage and we had to go all the way to the top before we could turn around. We finally found our way to the hotel on our own. The next morning, the GPS was dead and we couldn't recharge it. The rest of the trip we relied on road maps. But hardly a day went by that we didn't make a wrong turn somewhere!

Babs said...

Peter - Great comment!
Calypso - I think the GPS would take all the fun out of my joy of reading maps.
Bill - England is tricky...especially the driving on the other side of the road! I did it once. Probably would never do it fact, doubt I'll ever drive in Europe again. The mass transit is so great.

sparks_mex said...

I was going to comment earlier but I
consider this little trip to be totally fool hearty now and probably was 9 years ago. Ignore anything on GuiaRoji that is't a main road unles you consider cow pasture and river bed to be a map-able road.

Santa Maria del Oro, Jalisco to Los Reyes, Michoacan. Actually enjoyed it but it was stupid.

Babs said...

Sparks - I used to take the back roads all the time. They weren't any worse then the main roads. BUT in my wisdom of age, I now don't do that much any more.
The worst was the road? actually a goat path, from Creel down to Batopilas - 6 hours to go 90 miles. NEVER EVER again......learned my lesson! BUT it WAS an adventure!

vandy said...

I think you were in the car when I took a rare "wrong turn." Of course I maintained that it was completely intentional. I was just looking for a more scenic route. It wasn't. But we got there somehow.

Babs said...

HA Vandy, I KNEW it all along (just kidding). I so enjoy your scenic trips in the Mafiamobile. I've learned so much about Galveston from riding around in the backseat while you and SUE point things out, but mostly you. Ha.
Miss U guys!