Thursday, May 08, 2014

Mother's Day

The retail world wants us to know that Mother's Day is this coming Sunday.  For me, it is every day.  It's something I never forget.  It doesn't require flowers, gifts or cards, my reward has been the love and caring of my children all their lives.

It's those little things they do and have done, like Julie helping the kids to make Happy Birthday Grammy signs in April.  Or John bringing the kids by to see me  frequently or including me in their activities.  Those are the gifts that keep on giving.

It's the fact that they are compassionate, kind, loving people who give to others and of course love their families above all else.

I can remember when I was younger and still living in the USA.  The marketing of each holiday made one feel that THAT was the day you had to receive accolades and gifts.  I remember once seeing that a refrigerator or new car were being advertised. Good grief.

Now I get it.  It's those daily things that happen throughout the year that remind us of how blessed we are to have the title of "Mother".

Even though I was successful in the business world, I certainly think my greatest accomplishment was raising Jennifer, John and Julie.  I wouldn't take anything for the memories..........even, the difficult ones.

Here in Mexico this year, Mother's Day is on Saturday.  Usually fresh flowers are taken to the mother and grandmother.  Josefina always brings me flowers as well!  I was so surprised the first year that happened.  It really touched my heart.

So, when I decided to write this post, I looked on Picasa at all the photos I have from the last 5 years.  Guess what, I have photos of the grandchildren.  I have photos of Julie with her children.  I have photos of John with his children.  I have not ONE photo of me with my children and grandchildren altogether.

I intend to remedy that soon.  I'll have someone take a photo of John, Matilda, Sebastian and me!  Then the next time I'm in Houston, I"ll have someone take a photo of Julie, Rich, Jessica, Andrew, Hannah, Emma and me.  Add to that that I'll have someone take a photo of Christopher, Jennifer's son, with me.  How can it be that the most precious people in my life are not photographed with me?  Probably because I usually have the camera.

As this day approaches, I avoid reading the few ads that I see on the internet.  I can imagine that in the newspapers there are many, many ads for all the things to buy to show your Mom that you love her.  None of that is necessary, in my humble opinion, if you either go see her or call her on that special day.  Take a little time to reminisce about funny or good memories.

I wish I had my mother here to call.  There are many of you that feel the same way, I'm sure.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there............and Grandmothers!


Retired Teacher said...

And happy Mothers' Day to you... every day of the year!

Sissy said...

Reading this triggered sadness. I and the family suddenly lost my mother 25 years ago today, with her birth date falling on the following Sunday and still after all these years, the memories flow along with my tears of self-pity and lonely loss each Mother's Day. The majority of those our age are orphans, aren't we? Being isolated makes it worse, I'm very aware.

Christine said...

re: picture of you with your children and grandchildren--you could make a collage. that way you can pick the most attractive picture of each one.

Christine said...
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Babs said...

Christine - Great idea.

Bill - Thanks so much.

Hi Sissy - I totally believe they are with us but on another plane. If you are aware often you will get little messages, not necessarily words, of their being with us. I've been without parents since my early 40's so I don't really think about it much anymore. Sorry for your loss and sadness.

Droelma said...

I have been trying to remember since I read your post yesterday. I don't think we had Mother's Day in Germany when I was little. My mother died when I was ten ( and my father shortly afterwards ) and we never celebrated it and my memories are getting fuzzier each year. Of course it is also possible that during the immediate years after the war people had other things to celebrate or worry about.
I know that the day now exists in Germany and is celebrated, just don't know when it happened and how ignorant I was in regard to it for lack of a mother. I don't like the commercial aspect of it and here in the capital ( and I bet in all cities over the planet that celebrate the day ) all that is going on in especially restaurants on this day. Food is all of a sudden more expensive due to " specials " that are really not special, the menu is limited, people are rushed to make space for others and it's just a big money making deal. Where I live in Mexico City often restaurants do not accept less than four people to a table and they give 90 minutes for the meal. I don't know how it is this year with MD falling on a Sunday. I would like to think that everyday could/should be Mother's and that we all should take this into consideration .

Babs said...

Interesting comment! I never thought about how other countries celebrate Mother's Day until I moved here. It is pretty low key here with flowers and possibly a meal somewhere.
I'm so sorry you lost both of your parents so young. I so worry and wonder how my grandson is going to be after losing his mother at 5 1/2 although he has a wonderful dad and now a step mother. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hola Barbara!
Happy Mother's Day! Your kids are lucky.


Kim G
Tehuacán, Puebla
Where Edgar is talking to his mother this minute.

Babs said...

Thanks so much Kim! And I'm so glad to know where you are and that you are with Edgar! Woo hoo.......enjoy!