Saturday, May 10, 2014

HIghtailing It for Hugs

The morning started out unusually early.  Velcro decided to rock the screen door to wake me up to let her in at 6AM this morning.  Typically she let's me sleep until 7AM.  NOT this morning, on one of the few days I can sleep in if I choose to do so.........aaargh.
So, I gave up and got up.  Had my usual 1 1/2 cups of coffee, a cinnamon roll from the Blue Door Bakery, and a tour of the roof terrace..........all by 7:30AM!  Sheesh.

All the time I was wondering if son John had returned from the big Turismo Convention in Cancun and if Matilda and Sebastian were with him at his house.  By 9AM I couldn't stand it another minute and called.
Yup, the kids were there and yes they were up and yes I could go over.

I was on my side of town but I hightailed it, within reason, to their house.  I hadn't seen Matilda and Sebastian in three weeks.  I was sorely missing hugs and kisses along with whatever else they wanted to share with me.

Of course I wasn't disappointed.  I think they had missed me too because I got TWO hugs and kisses from each.  Along with that they wanted to show me all the things their Dad had brought them from the convention.  New backpacks along with toys and of course clothes.  Matilda got a new Cancun sundress and Sebastian got a shark T-shirt with it's mouth that opened to show a dead fish.  He loved it!

Saturday mornings are "discovery time" with their Dad.  I didn't want to interrupt that so I dropped them off at Parque Juarez so they can be jungle adventurers.........More hugs and kisses!

Then, on the way home, I stopped at my favorite nursery.  The owner was there.  I usually only buy a few little plants.  He remembered me admiring a petunia basket last time that I didn't buy.  So, when I went to pay for the four alyssum I had picked, he brought the basket to me and said, "Feliz dia de Madre".  I was so choked up I could only give him a big smile.

What a day!  And, it's not even noon yet! 

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