Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Feast of St. Joseph in San Miguel de Allende

Since I live up the hill, off a street called Cuesta de San Jose, Slope or Hill of St. Joseph, its logical that I expected at some point to see a parade.
It's never a fancy parade with dressed up people or floats or any of that.  It usually is a few men carrying the statue of St. Joseph up the hill near sunset always carrying the Mexican flag.  Sometimes the participants are attired in their dancing attire from the indigenous dances.........but this week was different.

First I saw the crepe paper flowers on the sides of the houses in green and yellow.  The colors of St. Joseph.  And I waited.  Nothing.  On Wednesday mid day, I heard soft singing, went to the window in the dining room and saw four women, alone, no parade walking down the hill carrying a smaller version of a statue of St. Joseph!  I, of course wondered, where are they going besides down the hill?  I presume the statue was going to someone's home possibly to have new clothes made or something.  But, Wednesday was the feast day so I truly have no idea.

Then I remembered on Tuesday, while returning from the tianguis, I saw a group of about fifteen young men carrying two statues toward Cuesta de San Jose and the small Church of San Jose.  I did NOT have my camera and again wondered where they were going.

All kinds of activity in the colonia, but what?

Well, I don't have to wonder anymore!  The parade has happened.  The fireworks went off starting at exactly 6AM about 10 feet from the wall of my house for about 30 to 45 minutes this morning!  And now, I hear the tuba band somewhere in the colonia.  Tubas, horns and drums, oh my.

I'm assuming since last Monday was Benito Juarez's birthday celebration along with St. Patrick's Day and then the Spring Equinox on Friday with the Primavera parade, that they decided to just wait and start it all up a few days after the Feast day.

I always remember the Feast of St. Joseph.  My dad's name was Joseph.  Although he never went by that name but went by Smitty, most of the time or Ed, his middle name.  To me its very poignant to experience this joyful celebration in the neighborhood each year even if most of the time I have no idea what is going on or when it is going to happen.  My Dad would have loved it!  He was such an upbeat, fun guy who was always ready for a party and to entertain.

The joy of "living in the moment " in a place that loves to celebrate saints that one has never heard of and many that one has, is quite a gift.

Now, if I only knew when the circus is coming to town so I could be positioned to see the animals either walking through town or riding.  It's ALWAYS something!


Retired Teacher said...

Great post! One of the joys of Mexico is that you never know when you are going to run across a local celebration... even if the accompanying fireworks can make life a bit noisy.

Babs said...

Indeed Bill. But, I've gotten so used to the fireworks that I usually just turn over after the initial volley and go back to sleep! Their exuberance is never lacking, ha.

Emily said...

Great site! Hi Babs, do you have an email address I can contact you on? Thanks and have a great day!

Babs said...

Hi Emily - I can be reached at

Glad you like the blog!