Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Friends at Casa Tranquilo - Rick, Gilberto and Griffin

I am so blessed.  Two of the nicest men have moved into the guest house.........for two years!
Rick, Gilberto and Griffin, the dog moved in the first of October.

It was "like" at first sight.  Their calmness and drama free personalities were the first indication that I wanted them to live here.  Add to that Griffin, who is the cutest dog, and it is a "Win, Win".

Rick is originally from Pennsylvania and Gilberto is from Zacatecas.  Well matched, they are delightful to sit at a dinner table and have an interesting conversation with.  Or there is coffee time in the garden.  I always look forward to seeing them.

Griffin just melts my heart.  He sees me through the glass front door of my house and his tail immediately starts wagging.  I brought him chewy bones back from Texas.  He really enjoyed those along with chasing them as I threw them around the garden.  I think we have bonded.

Velcro on the other hand is in minimal tolerance mode.  As far as I know
there has not been a confrontation.  So far so good.  It wouldn't be that Griffin would have a confrontation with her - just the opposite, I'm afraid.

However, it's been three months so by now they should be used to each other.

I'm just loving looking out and seeing Rick, Gilberto, and Griffin when I'm in the kitchen doing something.  From other parts of my house, I can't see the guest house or the residents.

The best of ALL worlds.

A dog that I don't have to be home to feed or walk.  Great neighbors who are so thoughtful and fun to know.

Happy Days!
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Anonymous said...

Well, though I'm a smidgen envious of their spot renting your cottage, I'm thrilled that you've found such wonderful tenants. So many complications have arisen in my life that I still haven't been able to launch my grand Mexican adventure yet.

Soon, hopefully.


Kim G
San Francisco, CA
Which is a nice getaway for the time being.

Nancy said...

Mazatlan's loss is your gain. Ric was a quiet but big part of the maz community, and we do miss him. Please give him a big hello from paul and me!

Babs said...

I will do so Nancy. I will pass on your message......indeed it is my gain! They both love San Miguel, they say. Especially the weather.

Babs said...

Kim, good luck. Once you launch, you'll wonder why you didn't sooner - at least I surely did!