Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Celebrating on Christmas Eve!

The plans were made!  The house was set and ready for Matilda and Sebastian to come to Grammy's house for their Christmas gifts!  Here they are sitting on the old quilt waiting patiently for Daddy to be "Santa" handing out the gifts........

THEN the fun began!

Faster then you can were opened.  Sebastian's favorite thing to say was, "Wow, way cool" in his three year old voice!  I agreed.

Matilda said her favorite gift was the pop-up book about the Wizard of Oz that Grammy found in Seattle at the Chihuly Gardens gift shop.  It IS way cool.

Here she is in the special glasses that came in the book! 

Sebastian got a Bob the Builder set.  More then the tool set, the goggles were the hit!

I then sat back and watched John and Sebastian putting the Hot Wheels race track together.

So many memories of years of putting stuff together for my kids flooded my mind.  I had as much fun watching them find part 6 and where to put it into 7, etc. etc. etc.  Hilarious.  Don't you remember those kind of experiences?

The goggles moved to Matilda's forehead where they stayed most of the afternoon as she explored, among other things, Lincoln Logs.  Remember those?

Sebastian wanted a little break at one point.  Especially after he discovered that the little cactus sitting on the floor next to him sang, "Feliz Navidad".  Here he's eating grapes and cashews along with other stuff.

John was just enjoying every single minute of everything!

And, Sebastian was showing me his dance moves again to Feliz Navidad.

About this time, three hours into the fun, it occurred to me that I should get the food on the table that I had prepared earlier in the day.  Pork roast, au gratin potatoes, field peas with snaps, crescent rolls and Christmas cookies for dessert.

I never got a bite of any of it, because.........

 I had a gift to give to myself first!

A black eye!  Yup, I spun around and did a four point landing with my head hitting the corner of one of those little Mexican chairs.  The other points injured were my two knees and my left breast.

I didn't know what hurt worse.  I had a knot on the side of my eye that was the size of a golf ball.
I knew before it even started happening that I was probably going to have a black eye. 

Woo hoo, with an ice pack on my head I went to bed.  This is what I saw when I got up this morning.
My gift to myself.  One I would have liked to refuse.

By the way, this is my first "selfie" photo.  In my opinion, "awful looking".
Interestingly that hurts the least.

I'm moving slow today and have no plans to do anything other then to watch movies and possibly eat later.  No one here.  In fact, at 11:30AM, I'm still in my flannels.

Hope you got many wonderful gifts and have had a wonderful day so far.
I bet, of all of us, I'm the only one to get a black eye as a Christmas gift!

Oy vey!
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Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Good grief, poor Babs!
Hope you heal quickly, and have a merry Christmas despite the pain.

Babs said...

Thanks Peter - Luckily it happened AFTER all the Christmas frivolity.
I'm tough, ha, I'll heal....I feel pretty ugly as of now but if I just don't look at myself, I'm ok!

Life's a Beach! said...

Looks like a lovely Christmas until . . . . Ouch! That was a bad fall. Hope the swelling goes down quickly! Feliz Navidad!

Babs said...

Thanks Beck - it looks worse then it feels.....Enjoy your vacation!
Your photos of the church yesterday looked like the churches that Fr. Serra built in the Sierra Gorda of Mexico! And, of course, he oversaw the churches in California. Very interesting!

Brenda Maas said...

Ouch, that must have hurt. Take care, heal quickly. said...

Another fallen woman of San Miguel. What are we going to do with you? Take care and find some ice.

Babs said...

Thanks Brenda and Kay. Kay, I used the ice last night. I think I need a mask least if I go out in public!

Ron Stephens said...

No, you can always get some sunglasses from Suzie Z. that'll hide everything....

Anonymous said...

Whoa, Barbara! It seemed like the perfect idyllic Christmas until I got to the last bit. I hope you're feeling better.

I got to spend about 40 minutes one-on-one with my 5 year-old nephew putting together a Lego item. We had a lot of fun together. He's also a big fan of Hot Wheels. I also got to meet his little brother (~1 year old) for the first time.

May you recover quickly!


Kim G
San Francisco, CA
Where the chairs are fortunately not leaping up and attacking us.

Babs said...

Kim, that's IT. The chair leaped up and attacked me........
Glad you're spending time with family.....We had a delightful day, not such a good night, however.