Saturday, December 21, 2013

As Much Fun as a Barrel of Monkeys!

Thursday was my son John's 50th Birthday.  A huge milestone for everyone.  He wanted to wait to celebrate with the kids on Pollo Feliz, the Happy Chicken. 

No fancy restaurant for him, he wanted to go where the kids like to go because of the fun "kid's playroom".  This from the man who has dined all over the world and is a wine and food aficionado.

The photo above says it all.  Pure happiness.

The cake was purchased at Mega and selected by the kids.  Note the cookies on top of the cake. The deciding factor for them.  John wanted one candle.  Matilda wanted 50 or the whole box.

John and I were afraid that the whole cake would catch on fire, but it didn't and he successfully blew out however many candles were on the cake.

Next came his present bag.  It was hard to get to it for all the kids digging in the bag first.

Music blares, kids scream, but Sebastian was showing us his dance moves on his way to go down the big slide.  He has his Dad's dry sense of humor.

On the way out Matilda had to give Santa a hug.

I have to think back to all the birthdays over the 50 years.  Of course I wasn't around for all of them.  There was one when he turned 30 in Malaysia on an island somewhere.  There have been birthdays in Colorado and Alaska, I think and of course Texas.  Probably I'm forgetting some exotic places.

I think if today I asked John which has been the most memorable, last night with the kids, would be his choice.
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Steve Cotton said...

Please pass along my greetings to John. I always enjoy talking with him on my trips up your way.

Babs said...

Will do Steve. He enjoys visiting with you as well. said...

Great pictures! Happy Birthday, John. Looking good for 50.

Babs said...

I'll pass on your words, Kay. He's feeling pretty old....the 3 year saga regarding the kids has taken its toll. He is ever optimistic however.......