Friday, October 18, 2013

Succumbing to Sweetness

While in Houston a few weeks ago, I shopped Toys R Us where one of the things I purchased was
a box of Legos for $10USD.  Matilda and Sebastian have had well over $10 of fun with them.
It's one of their favorite things to play with when they come to Grammy's house!

Matilda, in this photo, shows how much she is growing up.........too fast.  Now 5 1/2!

Sebastian loves to follow his sister's lead.  She made a tower so he was determined to make one taller!
He's now 3 1/2!

But.........after Sebastian went downstairs to snuggle up on Grammy's bed to watch cartoons, Matilda with great determination, made a tower taller then she is.  I LOVE the smile on her face of triumph and success.

Her imagination is something to observe.  Sebastian's as well.  Matilda found some post it notes which with imagination became "tickets" to go to all kinds of events such as the circus, out to eat, Swan Lake ballet, the movies, and to play video games.  Then she "pretend played" that I bought tickets for each of these events.  I had to sign the tickets.  Then I had to list all my children's names.  After that it was my grandchildren.  Of course it was pretend writing too.  Then, at one point, she asked me my phone number.  Then on to more tickets. About 10 minutes later she recited my phone number.  Needless to say, I was astounded.

This precious girl has always astounded me.  From learning sign language as a small baby to learning to speak and all that she does in school now, I'm amazed at her level of grasping and remembering information.

One of the greatest parts of being a grandparent is having the time to sit back and watch those small creatures grow into the most amazing, kind, loving and intelligent human beings.

I feel so blessed to have SEVEN of them to love and watch - from 22 to 3 1/2!
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Anonymous said...

It's funny, I was looking at the photos and thinking, "Those grandkids are growing up," and then you wrote the exact same thing.

They look like a delight to be with. I'm so happy you get to spend a lot of time with them.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where we love our nieces and nephews, but they are far away.

Shannon said...

You are so lucky Barbara. I love to read the posts about your grandkids. Our son and daughter-in-law are trying to have a baby and it will be so hard to have to watch him/her grow up only in pictures, as they live in Australia.

Anonymous said...

I definitely like that look of success on Matilda's face! Grandkids are a wonder to watch grow and absorb everything like sponges. We have three grandkids and one in the wings getting ready to land in January...finally a girl!

Babs said...

Shannon, I predict many airflights to Australia in your future! It WILL happen........

Babs said...

Angelinem, how wonderful three and a girl on the way! Those three will protect her forever..........what a treasure!

Babs said...

Kim - You have a good eye! Yes, I AM blessed to have time to spend with Matilda and Sebastian. Then when I head to TEXAS, I have the five up there who are all teenagers or older! Lucky me.....

Unknown said...

You're therefore fortunate Barbara. I enjoy browse the articles regarding your own grandkids. The boy as well as daughter-in-law want to possess a infant as well as it will likely be therefore difficult to possess to view him/her develop just within photos, because they reside in Sydney.
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