Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Roots on the Rails - Kings of California

For some reason today as I post my 1200th post, either Blogspot or something is preventing me from uploading photos that I have on Desktop to share with you along with information about each vintage rail car.

However, I can suggest you go to You Tube, type in Portland Rose 2 by Rick Erkeneff and get a sense of what I'm getting ready to experience next week! 

I, with a group of about 45 people will be on a week long jaunt from Los Angeles to Seattle.  We'll be traveling on private vintage streamline railroad cars.  These cars with names like Overland Trail, Pacific Sand, Salisbury Beach and Silver Splendor are the dining car, the domed roof car and sleeping cars.  The cars are attached behind the Amtrak train known as the Coast Starlight Train.

As if that isn't exciting enough, which it is, there will be four performing musicians and singers on board to entertain as well as a person to discuss the flora and fauna of the area!  I'm as excited as a little girl the night before Christmas!

The performers are Dave Alvin, Chris Smither, Peter Case and Rick Shea.  In full disclosure mode, until a few months ago, I had never heard of any of these entertainers.  I've enjoyed Roots or Americana music but never  heard  it called that.  I was familiar with people like Billy Joe Shaver, Ray Wiley Hubbard and of course Kinky Friedman to name a few, but I just always thought of them as Texas singers.

I have been educated.  In addition I've been invited to join the group known as Roots on the Rails for this magnificent train trip.  The more I know, the more excited I become.

The group Roots on the Rails has a website if you want to read more about the trips, the rail cars etc.  Their website is www.flyingunderradar.com  Under the 2013 trips you can read about the Kings of California trip.  You can also find Roots on the Rails on Facebook!

Some of the six people in the group I'm traveling with have made many of these trips. One was to see the Polar Bears.  Another was to travel across Canada.  The third was from Chicago to New Orleans with blues music on board!  All sounded FABULOUS.

It sounds like I'm going on a "cruise on wheels" as there are chefs on board to serve delicious meals.  People to take care of the sleeping rooms.  Entertainment.  Beautiful views along the California coast and then into the Cascades and past Mt. Shasta.  Now do you see why I'm so excited?

We stop in Seattle.  Spend a full day there and then turn around and head back to LA.  Hopefully while in Seattle, I'll be able to get to the relatively new Chihuly Gardens near the Space Needle.  My cup runneth over.

While you're sleeping soundly during the early morning of Sunday, I'll be flying direct from Leon, Mexico to LA.  I promise I'll take lots of photos and share them with you when I return.  I might even try to video some of it.  Woo hoo.

Needless to say, I doubt I'll be posting for that week.  I think I'll be too busy enjoying the views, the music and the food along with my friends............See you on down the road!


Steve Cotton said...

Enjoy my Old Stomping Grounds.

I had considered spending the summer on Amtrak touring The States. My mouth prevented that. Maybe next year.

Rick said...

Babs, those musicians are top notch singer songwriters. I am jealous.

calypso said...

What a great event - have a fun and safe trip - looking forward to the photos ;-)

Babs said...

I will enjoy every second Steve.I'm enthralled with the idea of these old restored Pullman cars. I can't wait to see each and every one.

Babs said...

Rick, I didn't know who Ramblin'Jack was or Chip Taylor or Tom Russell. I am now awed by them
I listened to CD's of each of the men on this trip on my way back to San Miguel on my road trip. FABULOUS. Can't wait........

Babs said...

Calypso, I promise I WILL take photos. In fact to prevent any problems with the camera, I'm taking a back up camera! Woo hoo.

Peter Kouwenhoven said...

Wow! What a geeat journey! Looking forward to reading all about it.

Hacienda4Reals said...

Enjoy you rail time.. I have traveled the
Coast starlight from Voncouver to La and ont San Diego a couple of times. It is a fabulous trio but your seems to have special train cars, friends and excitement with it, enjoy your journey!

Joe and Nancy Real

Babs said...

Thanks Joe and Nancy - I have heard nothing but fabulous stories from people about this path along the coast and through the mountains. Add all the rest and I might be overwhelmed........and joyful!

Thanks for writing!

Babs said...

Ooops, sorry ya'll but I goofed on the website for Roots on the Rails. It is flyingunderradar.com instead of what I posted.

Christine said...

If your train goes through Santa Rosa, California, have the engineer toot the whistle! We are about an hour north of San Francisco. (Have fun!)

Babs said...

Christine, I know Santa Rosa. A friend of mine in San Miguel lived there and had a vintage clothing store somewhere in that vicinity!

If the Amtrak comes through Santa Rosa, I'll be on it but in the back in the Pullman cars! Woo hoo.

Suz @ Slow Family Online said...

My wife and I are considering taking the new Dave Alvin Roots & Rails trip in April. Did you write about your experiences anywhere? I'd like to hear some particulars. Did you enjoy the trip?

Thank you,
Michael Lipman
Mill Valley, Ca