Sunday, September 08, 2013

A Wacky, Wonderful, Fun Birthday @ Pizza Pig

I knew it would be fun.  EVERYTHING you do with Dogie is always FUN!
Yes, her name is "get along little doggie". She's originally from west Texas.

When she said we're going to have pizza and champagne, I wouldn't have missed it for anything.
Even rain (lots of it), fog and an empty gas tank did not deter me from being there at 1:30 on

As you can see, it did start with plastic cups.

Then the fun began.  Gifts, absurd and glitzy.  A back scratcher....or wherever you want to scratch, was aptly demonstrated as only Dogie can, to hilarious laughter.  In\the big black
plastic garbage bag, however, was the piece de resistance.

A crown for the queen of fun!  Its made out of recycled juice cans with
appropriate gems and glitz on it.

Of course it became necessary to do queenly things.  Like showing us how
to wave.

Add to that husband Frank, on one knee as he was 44 years ago, kissing her hand.

This is my all time favorite photo.  Dogie in all her glitz and glamor.
Oh yes, and notice she got a second crown which she said is more for wearing to bed!

She loves, loves, loves glitz and glamor.  She is a glamorous woman, after all.

Add to that, the fact that she has been a dear friend to me for at least twelve years.  I was thrilled to be part of her birthday celebration.  Believe me when I say, she is one of a kind.

Irreverent, funny, full of life, has her priorities straight, and is oh so kind........that last part is only found out after knowing her for a while.

Laughter reigned throughout the lunch.  All thanks
to Dogie and her high jinks.  What fun she is!
At 85, she still can work the room!

Even the visiting minister and his wife (on the left) were laughing at all the funny comments
throughout the meal. 
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calypso said...

We are watching the final Season of The Tudors - somehow this all fits in ;-)

Babs said...

You'll have to come to San Miguel to get crowns! said...

I love her glasses! Great look and what a fun event!

Babs said...

I do too Kay - you would love her as well. She is a spunky Texas woman!

Susan York said...

This is an adorable post. Thanks for sharing the party!

Babs said...

Glad you enjoyed reading about a great lady and a fun afternoon, Susan