Friday, September 06, 2013

A Five Minute Walk

After visiting son John this morning at Bajiogo Travel, I headed for the jardin.  A five minute walk.
I wasn't really paying attention to my surroundings, which I usually do, but thinking more about our conversation.

I actually walked by this VW.  Something halted me and I walked back.  Oh my gosh, another Art Car.
Have these cars always been here and I'm just noticing them or is this a new trend?
I have no idea.  I've never seen this VW before.

As I turned to take the photo of the Volkswagen, I saw the fabric flag.  It's not anything fancy.
Just some green white and red fabric pinned to the window facade.
They have beautiful things in that shop on Calle Jesus. 
I only look in from the door rather then tempt myself.

As I turned the corner toward the jardin, it was obvious that I wouldn't be sitting on the bench for long today.  I was right.  I did have my two Friday newspapers - Atencion which is written and prepared by the staff of the Bibliotecha.  It comes out on Friday to let us know all the events going on and what has happened during the past week  - sort of.

The other paper I read every chance I get is The News.  Published in Mexico City in English, it has more international news then the Houston Chronicle does in 100 times more pages.  The News only has a very, very few ads.  Mostly just news.  It is pricey 15 pesos which is about $1.20USD. I splurge.

And to my right as I headed to the jardin, more decorations on a popular restaurant/bar/upstairs patio with magnificent views in all directions.

The bench seat was too cold.  I sat a few minutes and headed home.
Luckily I did.  It has been raining all day.  Thanks to a tropical disturbance that crossed
somewhere between Tampico and Tuxpan which is about six hours due east of us, more or less.

So much for Friday evening outdoor activities.  But, as every San Miguel resident says every day of rainy season, "We need the rain".  So far we've had sixteen inches in 2 1/2 months.  We need another ten inches to be happy for the coming dry season.  The dry season starts in about four weeks.

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calypso said...

Your "little" camera serves you well.

As to the rain: Anita and I tire of it quickly - not considering the needs. We chase around to avoid it - a very poor job of that occurs in September. But then October glorious just about everywhere - will be here soon enough.

Babs said...

I'm tired of it too. Especially the cold weather! It only got up to 64 here yesterday. Bah humbug.
The squalls last night from the tropical disturbance were amazing to watch from my big living room windows. That's about all you can do when its raining that hard is watch it from inside.

Ron Stephens said...

Hey, we need the rain....see you at the Pig

Babs said...

When is enough, enough? The rain I mean!