Monday, August 19, 2013

San Miguel Scenes on Tuesday

Tuesday morning I jumped out of bed (well not literally) to head to the Tianguis.  The traveling Tuesday market.  My goal to find pants for Sebastian and shirts for my son. Mission accomplished.

In my perusing the aisles which are made up not only of clothes, but old and new tools, shoes, boots, junk, antiques, electronics.  Well you get the idea.  Anything, including food vendors.

The above photo is of a woman selling pomegranates.  It always astounds me the amount of work and time taken to display something in such an appetizing and beautiful manner.

As I left the tianguis, right before I realized I had a flat tire, I saw this painted car and stopped to take a photograph of it.  It could be an art car. I like that it is parked up against a wall with an old political sign painted in reds and greens.

After I got the flat tire fixed, I needed to drive over to Colonia Guadalupe to talk with the car mechanic that has worked on my car for twelve years.  His shop is on Cancion India.  It's a sweet street and an up and coming colonia which now has an art district filled with wall murals.

One of these days I'll get around to photographing all the murals and will share them.
WHERE does time go?  And WHY does it move so fast?
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Christine said...

that last photo is worthy of space in an art gallery. One of the lovliest you have taken.

Babs said...

Thanks Christine - When you have subject matter like SMA, the photo almost takes itself!

Kay Cox said...

I vote for the pomegranites...beautiful.

Babs said...

Kay, remember the time we were at the Tianguis and the man put a hex on your camera and it stopped working! NOW I ask before I photograph even pomegranates....ha
I too like the brilliance of this photo........

Anonymous said...

Great photo of the pomegranates and the car.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where our own blog has prompted us to look up a bunch of our own old photographs.

Anonymous said...

Well, I've recently started following your blog, and today, that last photo made me stop in to comment and no longer be a stealth reader. The last photo alone is enough to lure anyone to spend time in SMA. You have a great blog.

Babs said...

Angelinem - I'm glad you're no longer a stealth reader and that you like the blog! SMA has zillions of scenes just like the bottom photo. It is a photographer's paradise and paradise in many ways to those of us lucky enough to live here!

Jennilynn Parks said...

Love the Pomegranates and the photo of the street - the color and lighting are dynamite. I will be moving to Mexico in about the next year and one-half and your blog entices me everyday. I was in Oregon last week so catching up on your news this evening. Looking forward to living in paradise!

Babs said...

Hope our paths cross at some point! Thanks for letting me know you like the blog and the photos!