Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Customer Service in Mexico

I wrote last week about the flat tire and also taking the car to the mechanic to check it all out.
It had not been checked since the end of April.  The engine light was on so that caused me
NOT to procrastinate.

Luis always checks the car out from front to back.  Top to bottom.  He noticed that a front headlight had a hole in it and he informed me that he would get a new headlight because he didn't want me
on the road with that broken.

I promptly forgot about it once he said it!  As long as I have four wheels that turn, I just keep on going.

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when my doorbell rang and it was Luis.  He had walked from his shop in Col Guadalupe with a new headlight.  Guadalupe is a darn hard walk from here.  Uphill.

I was dumbfounded that he would make that trek without calling to make sure I was at home.
He asked for the car keys.  He took out the broken headlight, put in the new.  Told me how much it was and voila, he was gone.

Can you EVER imagine that happening in the USA?

I've had a grin on my face all afternoon.

And some people say there is no customer service in Mexico.........guess they don't live here! I can tell you story after story of unbelievably wonderful customer service.
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Dan in NC said...

Babs, there is service, and then there is SERVCE!!! I may not be presently in Mexico, but the dude just got my business! Congrats on finding what we NOB are always looking for - a great mechanic,,,!!!
Dan in nc

calypso said...

There are some terrific mechanics, plumbers and electricians in Mexico - the contrast to that in the States is startling - wherein it is difficult to get any kind of service (and at that for less than $100 an hour).

One of many benefits to living SOB amiga ;-)

Babs said...

Dan and Calypso - When I moved here as a single woman, it was important to find a dependable car mechanic, handy man and a plumber.
This car mechanic has become a friend through the 12 years that he has taken care of the car. I've watched his children grow up, watched him survive back surgery. In the meantime, he has made sure that I'm safe when I'm on the highway driving wherever. He is a wonderful man. Muy importante.

Tancho said...

When we have guests here they are surprised that someone actually puts gas in your car for you, as well as washing the windows, checking your tires etc. ( unless you live in Oregon ).
Our Vet calls each day to check up on our dogs, after treatment, and I think it is because down here we enjoy time, where NOB, they are so high strung they can't.
Your man deserves a nice token at Christmas time......

Babs said...

So true Tancho. I have so many stories of people going over and beyond.
The first was the man who has car windows. I needed a new one for a little window on the side of the car.
The owner of the store called, he wanted to come to my house. I thought he was going to tell me it was more money or he couldn't get it. He brought it to make sure it was the correct tint as my other windows!
The other story that still surprises me was when I had whooping cough. I called my cardiologist to make sure that not taking my meds as the hospital had told me to not take them was ok. He was on vacation, told me I was ok and then called DAILY to check on me - on his vacation!
It all so touches my heart!

Don Cuevas said...

Last Friday, we at last got our Michoacán plates for our car. To make it easy, we brought them to our curbside mecánico, Everardo.

He congratulated us, jokingly saying that we were now Mexicanos, but that we lacked the color. I suggested that we spend more time in the sun.

Then he put the new plates on. He got to keep our old, Arkansas plate for his collection. He then checked the fluids on our Windstar van. Todo bien.

He refused any payment.

Don Cuevas

Babs said...

Thanks so much for sharing Don Cuevas. I think we are so lucky to be able to have these experiences with Mexican friends that enrich our lives........truly