Sunday, June 30, 2013

Movies for Grownups

Sometimes AARP's magazine has interesting and informative information.  The recent issue had a myriad of
things that I tore out to check on.  One was the site Movies for Grownups.

It's a You Tube site with the man above, who has an irritating voice, telling you about each movie.  If you don't want to listen to him, the information to the side, is written and you can read it while tuning him out of your ears.

The site is    I have been purchasing DVD's from Juan at Cafe Etc  forever. I seldom get a movie I don't enjoy but thought I would look at this site and then take the list to

He had a couple of the movies on the list - Quartet and Guilt Trip.  The first was excellent with a superb cast.
The second was with Barbra Streisand and Seth Rogen.  I have not much to say about the second other then, don't bother.

I'll continue to go back to Juan until he gets the remaining which are: Unfinished Song, Hot Flashes, Swimming to Cambodia, The Oranges, Starlet and The Great Gatsby.

At the price of $3.20 per DVD, even if I don't enjoy one or two, I'm not "breaking the bank" as they say.

As you can tell by the above list, I'm into light, non-violent, hopefully funny movies these days.  There's a reason.  Some day, when I can, I'll tell you why...........


Babs said...

Steve, for some reason your comment didn't post although I read it in my mail. How strange! Maybe its the "darkened room with strangers" comment, ha.

Steve Cotton said...

Maybe the NSA needs to clear it first.

Babs said...

Maybe the satellite is waterlogged over Melaque! ha...I saw on weatherunderground that you have had some rain........that's putting it mildly!
Try to stay dry