Friday, April 05, 2013

Easter Happens..........Whenever you get with the kids!

For the last few years, since Matilda and Sebastian moved to San Miguel, I've wrestled
with trying to find fun Easter goodies for them.  To say they are almost non-existent is
an understatement. 

This year however, I was in Houston in March and was able to buy some fun things for
their Easter baskets.  Things like the Easter Bunny sunglasses, a sequin tiara for Matilda,
Easter  coloring books and a few other fun things.

They aren't allowed to have candy or chocolate so none of that.  I didn't even buy any
chocolate covered marshmallow eggs for myself!

They actually didn't seem to mind - as they don't know what they are missing.

We had fun...........even though it wasn't Easter Day.

It just goes to show one that kids can have a good time anytime.  Especially when they
know you love them a lot.
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