Monday, April 30, 2012

On my way to the Casa - Street Scenes in San Miguel de Allende

I'm heading home today about 12:30 after time at the jardin.  Cruising down Reloj, heading to Calzada de la Luz.  Uh oh, bus versus car on left, versus utility pole on the right. 

It's a holiday weekend so someone who probably doesn't live here had parked in a no parking area.  Happens all the time.  First off, everyone starts honking.  It's not for the bus driver to plow through.  No, it's to get the owner of the truck or car or whatever is blocking to hear the horns and come out and move the offending item.  Horns blared, everyone waited.   Horns blared again, now more are waiting.  No one came.

What to do?  The bus driver got out and looked.  Nope he couldn't go forward.  Only thing behind him was me, so he began to back up (note backup lights) to angle the bus to try to get up on the right curb.  Nope that wouldn't work either.

I looked in my rear view mirror and the traffic behind me was all the way down the street.  No one could go anywhere.  I, for some weird reason, find these things to be an adventure.  Always knowing that the ingenuity of the local people will come up with a solution.

They did.  Men began to head to the offending vehicle.  Lots of them.  And more. 

They began to rock the car - at least fifteen of them by now.  I, on the other hand, am now out of the car and trying to photograph this.  They rock the car and get it up on the left curb.  The bus driver gets back on the
bus ready to head forward.  Lo and behold, the owner of the vehicle appeared, apologized, waved, got in and drove off.

The rest of us followed behind to our destinations.  Me chuckling under my breath.  It always works out - somehow.  Elapsed time - 15 minutes more or less.

It made my day!
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Calypso said...

This is repeated often in our necks of the woods - people park with impunity or where ever the hell they want - as you suggest amiga - part of the Mexico experience 8-)

una aprendiza said...

I love it that you wrote about this quintessentially Mexican approach to spontaneously handling problems--constructive action to improve the situation just enough to let everyone go about their business without wasting too much time in stalling and/or recriminations!

Fun post, Babs!

(I almost forgot... AKA: The Pliers)

giaonhanquocte said...
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