Saturday, November 05, 2011

Great Days are Made of This!






It's always fun to come home from a trip with presents for the kids - whichever ones it might be. I took gifts to the kids in Texas and then came home to bring gifts to Matilda and Sebastian. It is so darn much fun to see the surprise and delight on their little faces. To see them playing with their toys and loving, in Mati's case, her new ballerina shoes.

The look of happiness on my son's face as he watches his children says it all! Having children and grandchildren is the BEST!
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maria luz said...

How precious they are! And growing like crazy!!

My grandson, Zachary, will be two on the 24th and I can't believe how time flies.


Mic said...

Beautiful times :-) Matilda really does look like you in the face. Bet if you had a photo of you at that age and put it beside her's, you'd look exactly the same.

Babs said...

Mic - So many people say that! I do have a photo of myself at that age and you're right! We look almost identical. What a gift.

Maria Luz - They DO grow up too fast!
Every time I see Mati and Sebastian I'm astonished in just a few weeks of the changes in them. The same with the grandkids in Texas. Good gosh!