Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunday Morning with Sebastian and Matilda







The call came early this morning! "Matilda and Sebastian want to see you"'s amazing how fast I can move when I get that kind of message.

Driving through town at 9AM is GRAND. No traffic, very, very few people. It takes me about 8 minutes from my house to the grandkids location.

Matilda couldn't wait for me to see her new princess dress. Her dad found it at a garage sale. All purchases at this point must be able to "twirl". And this little dress worn over her clothes twirls just perfectly. Twirling and twirling and dancing for so long. I'm amazed she doesn't fall over dizzy. But no, she is so focused on her dancing.
Very cute.

Then we decided to walk to the Guadiana park which is about a mile from their house. Downhill to begin with and of course uphill to get back. Hmmmm. Off we went, holding hands. Saying "cuidado" many, many times. Kids have to get out and run and play. That we did. THEN a puddle was found. Oh boy, what fun! It is a magnetic field always drawing kids. I remember my kids coming in with wet cuffs and splashes on their clothes. These kids are no different. Just running though it caused great glee. Splashing in it was equally fun.

Eventually the time came to trek up the hill home. Great fun. Happy kids. At times carried by Grammy, but more often BOTH carried by Dad.

Whew, an adventure without even leaving town.
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Anonymous said...

I soooo want to be a Grandma. Alas, there is not even a glimmer on the horizon with 2 sons, aged 31 and 27. Enjoy your wonderful gifts.

Babs said...

Carol, it WILL happen when you least expect it. Mati and Sebastian's dad (my son)didn't marry until he was 44. He is now almost 48 with these two little ones.
I have five more "gifts" in Houston ranging in age from soon to be 20 to 12 there!
Mati and Sebastian are not only wonderful gifts, but, BIG surprises.
Like your blog and have no bookmarked it........I'll probably be in Chapala in Nov for the Folkart Fair - will you be there?