Thursday, August 25, 2011

Driving to Celaya






I've always loved to drive to Celaya. After all it is "Green Giant" country. Literally, there is a big Jolly Green Giant factory somewhere in Celaya.

The fields are always a zillion shades of green, or in the case of two of these photos, bronze for ripened maize and kinda a grey-green for a recently harvested field.

There is seldom any traffic now on this new road. I even used to enjoy the drive when it wound through the mountains with me driving 10 miles per hour behind a broccoli truck. NOW, it is a four lane divided highway! Amazing.

Saw lots of little things that gave me pause. Three elderly women trying to climb over the concrete abutment in the middle of the road that now separates two villages. A village on each side of the road. Wouldn't you think they would have an opening?

It is jicama season. Lots of stands on the side of the road. I wonder what the heck I would do with a whole bag of jicama. I'd be eating it daily for a year........but someone obviously buys it or it wouldn't be sold that way.

The ingenuity of the fact that wherever there is a tope (speed bump) there is usually a food stand or vegetable stand always makes me smile.

Along the way there are villages such as Comonfort which is known for the Great Master who makes mocajetes out of volcanic rock to sell. He actually is listed in the Great Masters book. And the little village of Escobeda is known for its cashmere factory. I stopped in there once many years ago. The clothing is made in this village and then shipped to France and sold as French cashmere clothing. The factory is French owned. Sweet little village.

On the way home one always knows when they are close to San Miguel, you come over a rise and there is the presa which looks like a lake but isn't.

Took a photo of the new road. Just to let you know how to get to San Miguel from the South. Come visit anytime!
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Anonymous said...

My wife would eat that big bag of jicama in nothing flat.

maria luz said...

Excuse me Barbara...

to unseenmoon: your lovely wife is so slim she has not one cubic inch of room for a bag of jicama (unless she indeed has a hollow leg). but if she is like me, she cut her baby teeth on it. i love it, too!

Sorry 'bout that Barb...great post and I loved the pics!

mary lou

Babs said...

To each his own. I like jicama, but not a bag full.
So, Senor Felipe, when I come to Patz I'll bring a bag for the Senora!

jennifer rose said...

I always return home to Morelia from San Miguel with at least one bag of jicama. It's cheap, it's fresher than you'll ever buy at the market, and it's good for giving away. It can last for about a month. Did I mention that it's also great in soup and stir-fry?

Babs said...

Jennifer, I love jicama raw. It's so crunchy. But stir fry, I had not thought of........thanks!